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September 2, 2019

Realizations: The door to the new you

Collectively and individually we have had the focus on the out there, the external world. We have been looking outside of us, we look at our surroundings and we compare, examine and calculate. Doing this, we think, we can realize what is needed and in doing so, we think, it will lead to the realization of what we want. Sounds like it should work, doesn’t it? But still it doesn´t for many and many others have what they want but it does not exactly feel as expected. Perhaps the reason is that we have been thinking our way through life separated from what we feel. Our inner self cannot be touched, cannot be seen nor it can be compared to anything else. Our inner self is meant to be felt. 

Realizations are the door that connects our old self to the present moment and offer new possibilities for the future. They shine truth for us to see how it is that we ended up experiencing whatever is happening now and gives us the opportunity to consciously change. Realizations, to me, feel like an ´aha´ moment followed by tears of mixed feelings. It brings up a state of awareness that involves me questioning what I have been believing and how I have been acting based on that belief repeatedly. This created a pattern of behaviour that was so accommodating to my fixations on what I believed to be right or wrong that it has been practically invisible to point out.  

Realizations come after a deep self choice of wanting to find something more about ourselves. They involve lots of curiosity, self love and braveness to defy what we think we are by questioning ourselves. 

Realizations come in many ways, we are all creative creatures. Some might find it while dancing and others in stillness, while gazing at a sunrise or at night when we sleep, while looking at a child playing or by witnessing the wars of the world but one thing is certain…you must be in meditative mindset, you must not judge and you should know you have taken part to create what you see. Sometimes realizations come as a soft breeze, sensing the change and the possibilities altogether. Other times they come like a huge earthquake shaking all the cells in the body, destroying all that we once thought was the base of us, leaving us confused and apparently lost.

Realizations help us transform ourselves  when we are truly rooted and firmly committed in creating a better life, a softer life. They allow us to reevaluate the reasons of all we have ever thought and done so we can think and do in more loving ways.

Fear wins if we think of it, Love wins if we think of it, it is that simple! If you want to inner realize then observe yourself in order to feel and know which one you think and feel the most of in your everyday. Your power lays in opening up to self truths you’ve been unknowingly choosing to overlook .

True realizations leave us speechless and make us humble. They position us in a state of wonder and allow us to enter a void which can be sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes hopeful. However, this void is always meant to be filled with self loving thoughts, actions and feelings, only this way can we start to feel whole again. 

Are you brave enough to challenge what you cannot see of yourself?

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