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September 20, 2019

Self Improvement Website Programs You Should Try

With self-help on a whole being very popular these days, it’s no wonder that there are sites on improvements for everything from skincare to relationships available almost entirely uninhibited. However, not all advice applies to everyone and, like with everything else, not everything that is uploaded on those sites is accurate. If something sounds too good to be true, for example, it probably is. If you’re not sure of something, it never hurts to check reviews, scam reports, etc. Below are some sites that are perfectly legitimate and safe to try.


Thrive Is Not a Scam in Spite of Suggestions to the Contrary


Thrive Skin Makes a big deal out of claiming to contain CBD. It has done fairly well so far with between three and five out of five stars for most Thrive skin reviews. The main issue is the fact that they use distributors to make most of their sales. This alone makes many people think that it’s a pyramid scheme. The good news is that it’s not. Pyramid schemes are multi-marketing laundering practices that involve recruiting would-be distributors, demanding that they pay a large amount of money upfront, and then pushing those would-be distributors to recruit more distributors. There’s never any actual product to sell, it’s really the person on top using the money all for themselves. Fortunately, Thrive doesn’t actually work like that. Thrive is actually focused on its mission for skincare solutions and has a lot of loyalists not directly associated with their line, none of which exists in a pyramid scheme. CBD’s usefulness for skin is still being tested and is showing a lot of promising results.


Addicted2Success, Very Practical but Sometimes Oversimplified


Addicted2Success is a site that is targeted mainly at entrepreneurs or those who are seeking to simplify their lives. Much of the advice that they upload is very practical, quick and catchy. Such as finding ways to live below your means if you’re earning a seemingly unlivable income. They also have their own podcast hosted by Joel Brown, who gives tips on how high achievers think, etc. Some of the advice that they print, however, may be impractical for some. For example, Mario Kokolakis in his article, “4 Unusual Ways to Identify Your Strengths When You’ve Tried Everything Else” advises to try numerology and not everyone believes in things like Numerology. It would have been better if he said that people could turn to their spiritual practice or to something like meditation.


Nerd Fitness


The reason that Nerd Fitness has the name that they do is because they primarily target people who tend to be into the nerd culture and those not into going to a gym. Nerd Fitness does not advertise or run sponsorships because they want to be backed exclusively by scientific research. They also want their clients to do what’s fun for themselves instead and not simply run on a treadmill for three hours straight. So far, the only people they haven’t worked for are those already following much of the advice that they give.




While self improvement is a good intention to hold, you want to be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that all advice out there for it is practical for you or accurate. It is always best to do what works best for you.

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