October 19, 2019

5 Ways to Manifest Health & Happiness through Healing Crystals.

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Are you worried about your overall health and happiness?

Or, are you just wondering how you can improve or maintain it? Or, perhaps you know someone close to you who might be in need of help in this aspect? Well, ponder no more. “Healing crystals” will help you with just that.

So, what’s so special about healing crystals?

Healing crystals have special properties and unique attributes that are thought to improve the overall well-being of a person, whether physically, emotionally, or spiritually by holding onto them or by just putting them close to your body.

Each of our bodies has its own energy field (in Indian terms, they call it “chakra”). These crystals could effectively communicate with our body’s energy field, positively outputting its intended use.

In some disciplines like communications engineering, frequencies could be formed in such a way that it resonates with some kind of information that could be converted and analyzed digitally, then may be previewed in analog form, making it more readable for humans.

And here’s some trivia: Crystals can hold frequencies. Research recently showed that you can actually store 14 billion years’ worth of data by using clear quartz glass. It’s like you’re having a portable version of a massive external hard drive or a large number of USB drives in your pocket. By meditating through it, we could “write” information about our intentions within it and spread it throughout our surroundings.

Here’s how we can manifest health and happiness through healing crystals:

1. Use the right crystal for the right job

People always say, “Select the right person for the right job.” We must also choose the right crystal for the right job. As we are focusing on manifesting health and happiness here, the crystals that could help you heal and give you energy are the best ones for the job. Those crystals are turquoise and bloodstone.

2. Renew the energy within it

Each crystal has been passed and handled by different kinds of people who also have a different set of energies with them. By renewing the energy within the crystal, you cleanse the crystal in its purer form.

Some known methods of cleansing crystals are using running water to wash its surface impurities, leave it under the sun or moon to charge, infuse it in an incense so that the renewed energy stored inside will be safer from unsacred elements, and then introduce it to music because the vibrations would properly align the new set of frequencies inside the crystal.

3. Use it as frequently as you prefer

The recommended time span to work with healing crystals is daily, but nothing’s stopping you from using it multiple times a day as desired.

4. Choose the best spot for you

Doing this crystal energy transfer or energy recharging stuff requires a certain level of concentration during meditation. Choose the best spot you can think of for a more comfortable intention channeling session.

5. Focus on the intention you want to store in it

We could say this is the core part of using a healing crystal. What you gain from it has a direct relation to whatever your intentions are and why you started using it. This intention will flow into the crystal, and, depending on your intention, comes varying effect it could give the user. Focus on the intention, make it as straight to the point as possible, and let the crystal do its job for you.

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