October 28, 2019

Dear Men, We Need You.

Dear Men,

We need you.

We need you to rise up.
We need you to look at your pain, process it, love it, and heal through it.

We need you to do the work—it’s messy, it’s uncomfortable, but it’s worth it.

Because we need you.

Look at your shadows. Love them.
Look at your insecurities. Love them.
Look at your trauma. Love it.

Because where we’re going, we need your strength.
We need your grounding.
We need your care.
We need your wisdom.
We need your truth.

And we need your support.

What does that look like?

It looks like standing behind a woman, believing her, and believing in her.
It looks like offering protection.
It looks like giving structure and words to the feminine flow.
It looks like listening.
It looks like standing in your truth.
It looks like holding boundaries.
It looks like providing space and security for emotion to be.
It looks like owning your power—fully. Owning your gifts. Owning yourself. Owning you.

I apologize for not allowing the men in my life to support me.

It has been a disservice to me and disservice to the world.

I apologize for believing that if I allowed men to help, it made me weak.

I apologize for believing that “women had to do it all if they wanted it done.”

I apologize for not giving so many of the men in my life the space to rise.

And now, men, we need you.

It’s time to rise up.
It’s time.

The Modern Woman

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