October 10, 2019

October 13th Aries Full Moon: Transforming our lives with Passion & Fire.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


The October full moon on the 13th is igniting change within us.

It is causing us to confront the situations where we have put the blinders on, and become locked into our mentality of how things should be.

The fiery Aries moon is heating us up, internally transforming us, and sparking a new desire to live with more passion and fulfillment. 

Challenges and chaos happen when we fail to look within ourselves and explore how our mind, body, and consciousness affect everything we do and see. It’s too easy to try to control our environments and other people.

Aries rules the head, and it is the mind (and subconscious) that causes us to react, act out, and stay in unconscious patterns that are actually self-sabotaging.

Check in on your control issues this month.

We have all been challenged since April to revisit our past and explore our deep wounds. Consider where anger has led you down dark paths and caused conflicts, while blaming others for your own stuff.

Pluto, the planet of death, causes transformation, often with explosive energy. For those who are unwilling to look at themselves and laugh at the divine play of the cosmos and take responsibility, they will probably cut cords, point fingers, and blame people with their own projections, before they consider where in the mind they may not be seeing things clearly.

The Aries archetype is a leader, however, it is their challenge to learn how to lean into their true soul potential and grow into the super-charged leader they are born to be. Being unbalanced in Aries energy, we can get too stuck in our own perception, relationships can get ruined, and we can lose our cool, get too fired up, and revolt in anger. To grow into the Aries archetype, we must confront our mental and emotional agitations and the continuous patterns and codependent behaviors we possess. 

Shining the light on our shadows and really holding a mirror up to our weaknesses, faulty behaviors, and patterns is not easy. Yet, when we do, we allow ourselves to integrate where we are out of balance and can rise beyond insecurity and into a fearless, independent, and courageous individual.

October 13th is a turning point where our sh*t shows up, and if we have denied it and spiritually bypassed our problems, it will continue to show up. For Aries, the triggers are usually in the mind, and they are so strong that it’s easy to get too set in our ways and beliefs. 

The opposition we have been experiencing needs to be deeply looked at. Look at what the people around you are reflecting back to you. Consider your trigger points, your inner pain, and what is ultimately going to drive you to move forward.

Since we are in the fall, and moving into the end of the year, it is time to become aware of the road we are choosing right now. Are we truly feeling satisfied, happy, and fulfilled? What inner desires are causing us to think and behave as we do, and where have we fallen out of alignment with our truth and real heart and passion?

Our inner conscious and unconscious desires cause us to act as we do, and unless we bring all of it into awareness, we’ll never change and continue to act out in the same old ways. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the pioneer, teaches us that we all must learn to ignite our inner flame and allow ourselves to live with true passion. We must do what we love and create, rather than falling into loveless patterns and boredom.

True independence, freedom, and security is when we are able to live in a way that is stable and rooted in ourselves; we must support ourselves rather than relying on other people or things to fill that inner void. With Aries energy, we all must build our lives without hoping someone else will save us.

This full moon in Aries is a test and a turning point—if you’re able to be conscious of your inner world and how it’s affecting the outer one.

Become the warrior, and choose to rise in yourself. Look at your demons, confront your darkness, and see how your own stubborn ego is chasing pleasures, fantasies, illusions, and desires. Waking up and consciously evolving can be painful, but duality and opposition are needed to help us all transform. The moon will trigger things you don’t want to see and will reveal where you’re living out of alignment with who you really are and who you came here to be.

Expect radical changes: look at which masks you’re putting on to hide from yourself, to escape, and to deny your own karma and growth, by rejecting reality, other people, and your own actions.

Look at your birth chart for where Aries lives, to see what area this moon is triggering and hitting. Don’t let your inner fire, rage, and anger take you too far that you react, explode, and let your own projections ruin the present moment and your interpretation of reality. 

Aries rarely admit their flaws or learn to soften, calm down, or compromise. They are good at staying stuck in their ways with no change and no flexibility within the mind, and they often live by the mantra, “my way or no way.”

Be mindful this whole month of October, and consider where you are tipping the scales, unable to unify, and letting your inner turmoil (mind, body, or unconscious emotions) sabotage you from learning to be a real leader and taking the reigns to create the fulfilling life you truly desire.

The more we can fully be and know ourselves, the more we can rise, exude confidence in healthy ways, and create some wild sh*t in this lifetime. We must all remember who we are, use our strengths as catalyst, and light up our passions to fuel more purpose, connection, and authenticity. 

Fire is what sparks transformation, causes change, and can help us channel our anger and inner drive in positive ways so we can become more balanced, whole, loving, artistic, and strong within our own selves.



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