October 20, 2019

The Secret that Fall is trying to Tell Us.


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It’s that special time of year.

The leaves are falling. The air is crisp. Pumpkin Spice everything is everywhere you look.

But in California, it’s 88 degrees with zero percent humidity.  

Taking a day trip to the pumpkin patch? May I suggest you wear a hat. Don’t try and look cute in your best fall attire—you’ll burn to a crisp. 

I too fell victim to the dream of fall.

Those colorful leaves crunching underneath my boots, cozy sweaters to keep me warm, and cute pictures to share on my Instagram.

Instead, you have to spend hours in traffic just to buy an overpriced ticket to a trendy pumpkin patch that has a VIP lounge. But no shade here! I was one of those moms trying to get a ticket to the VIP lounge.  

Still, there is something about fall that makes us go completely crazy. Maybe it’s because “Hocus Pocus” is on repeat.  

There’s a sense of calm, and a reminder that the holidays are upon us.

The crisp mornings makes us want to cuddle with our loved ones, and the warmer lunch hour allows us to take a breather outdoors. 

Fall is the season of transitions. Spiritually, it’s the time to reflect and go inward. In addition, fall reminds us that change is near.  

Change can be difficult for some people, yet it’s important to remember that in order to grow, we need to allow certain parts of us die. Sounds a bit morbid, but stick with me for a second.  

Cutting cords with things that no longer serve us is what our soul wants us to do. 

We can’t ascend into the next level if we are still carrying around baggage like limiting beliefs, people who aren’t allowing us to grow, or past wounds. 

Take some time to reflect on what changes you want to make. And although you may be tempted to watch “Halloween” for the billionth time, bring out your journal and begin to reflect. 

Take a page out of nature’s book. 

Admire that Mother Nature also goes through her period of transition. We aren’t any different. 

Be gentle with yourself. 

Now I must go—I think my Pumpkin soup is ready. 


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