October 25, 2019

What we need for Survival, Growth & Change.


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All things under the sky are forever cycling through a journey of death and rebirth; everything shifts, and changes.

Why should you be any different? You are one with the cycle. Like the Phoenix, you will rise and fall, and rise again. You will come and go. You will grow and prune and shed and bloom, from now until forever. It’s the way of the world.

So embrace it.

If you needed permission to change and grow, here it is. You have it. You have permission to let the old pass away and the new to flourish. You have permission to phase into the light. You have permission to pursue your passions, embrace your vitality, and create the life you want to lead.

You have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure.

So get after it.



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If you observe creatures in the wild you begin to see patterns of survival: resilience, resourcefulness, curiosity, adaptability, and play.

Characteristics of the wild:

Resilience is required for survival. The ability to bounce back from opposition and failure. It’s less about the willingness and more about need. To survive you must be willing to try again.

To survive you must also be resourceful. Sometimes things change; the weather, the availability of resources, your dreams, etc. To be resourceful, one must be ready and clever enough to find effective and efficient ways to overcome the difficulties we face in life.

Curiosity and courage are what keep us growing, and as humans, we have the luxury of our curiosity not typically being a life or death experience. Curiosity is healthy. It’s how we learn. And, same as with creatures of the wild, it’s helpful to pair our curiosity with the wisdom of our elders. Ask. Explore. Be brave.

Adaptability is crucial in the wild. Life changes, and it changes quickly. Sometimes things you thought would last forever, simply do not. Sometimes you are asked to go left when you’ve been training to, or have gone right, your whole life. The ability to adapt, to learn, and grow, is essential to survival. To be adaptable is to always have your eyes open to new opportunities, directions, paths.

All of these characteristics are important, and all of them must be balanced. Enter play—one of the most important pieces of staying wild. To play is to release the child in us. To play is to laugh, to run, to howl at the moon, and to heal. Play is where we come home to ourselves. Play is where we remember who we are. To play is to release the burden of having “to do” or “to be” and allowing ourselves to be fully present, fully engaged, and therefore, fully alive.

Breathe in creation: as are you. Breathe out: so am I.



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