November 29, 2019

7 Tips to Protect, Cleanse & Recharge our Spiritual Energy.

Do some friends leave you feeling drained?

Are you sensitive to atmospheres? Do some people at work seem to get into your head or are there certain places, interactions, and situations that leave you feeling low, spacey, or with a headache?

If the answer is “yes” to one or all of these questions, then you’ve felt the effects of having your spiritual energy being impinged upon.

From toxic people and energetic vampires to tense atmospheres and stressful environments, our spiritual body is continually bombarded. And we can feel the effects of that bombardment in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Wouldn’t it be useful then to know how to shield and protect our spiritual energy system? Or to know how to cleanse it from toxic interactions or even refresh and reenergise when we feel off-balance and tired?

Here are seven tips that we can use anytime, anywhere to do just that:

1. Creative visualisations to protect your energy.

Our imagination is an incredibly powerful tool. As well as setting a clear intention in mind, body, and spirit, our unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between pretend and real, so as far as it’s concerned, what we’re imagining is really taking place!

An ideal time to protect our energy is before we leave home to start our days; however, there are no rules so use the following visualisations whenever you feel the need to protect yourself.

Option 1: In your mind’s eye, imagine yourself stepping into a golden or white bubble. The bubble encloses you completely, creating an impenetrable layer around you that moves with you. Any energy that comes near you bounces off the surface of your bubble.

Option 2: Alternatively, imagine yourself pulling on a midnight blue cloak (with a hood to cover your head and crown chakra—the top vortex of your body’s spiritual energy system). The cloak seals you off from any external energies.

Whichever you choose, the idea is to put yourself within a protective layer that seals you off from all external energies. As you go about your day, reconnect with your visualisation to maintain its effect, especially if you’re commuting, in tiring environments, or alongside challenging, toxic, or draining individuals.

2. Ground and reenergise in nature.

Nature refreshes and energises us because it’s an environment rich in Earth’s energy. Whether it’s your local park, woods, or forest, 20 minutes spent in nature not only counters the effects of ageing and stress, but it also grounds and replenishes our body’s chakras (its spiritual energy system).

If you’re lucky enough to live near a beach or waterfall, then make the most of the abundance of negative ions found in such places.

Kicking off your shoes and walking or sitting barefoot with your feet on the earth is a great way to maximize the healing benefits of grounding. It enables the energy of Earth to flow directly up into your body and your spiritual energy system. Imagining that you are barefoot and the energy of the earth is flowing up into your body works just as well. Gardening is also a great vehicle for grounding as is drinking water!

Just five minutes in nature, even if that’s a tiny patch of grass and being as mindful as possible, is a terrific way to unplug from a busy life, a busy brain, and find some inner peace. Try using your senses to notice as much detail as possible. What can you see, hear, and feel?

3. Cleanse and detox with golden light.

The easiest way to clear toxic thoughts and the energetic footprint of toxic interactions from ourselves is to tap into the light of the universe—there is no greater universal force. It transmutes all darkness and negativity.

A fast way to tune into the healing frequency of light is to simply say the word. Hold the word in your mind, focusing all your attention on it. You can also ask yourself, “what’s it like to be a golden light?” Your unconscious mind will instantly create this for you. You could even try an affirmation or a mantra to repeat such as, “I release all negatively and let the light of the universe flow through me.”

A powerful visualisation you can try is being washed with golden light, obviously, this is super easy to combine with a shower.

Start by asking the universe to send you loving light and imagine golden-white rays of light pouring down onto you from the highest point that you can conceive. Picture this light washing through you and over you. You can also use your breath—as you inhale, picture the light being drawn into every cell and fibre of your physical and spiritual being. As you exhale, breathe out any negativity or unwanted energy that you might be carrying or picked up (this darker energy evaporates in the golden light or can just drain away down the plughole).

Let the light fill you up until your body is suffused in light that protects, restores, and energizes. This is a great visualisation to anything that’s become stuck in your head—imagine it being washed away.

4. Shield yourself.

The moment you find yourself near a draining, irritating, or negative person or situation, use the power of your imagination to visualise a shield in front of you. It is up to you what your shield looks like—it could be tribal, Arthurian, or even a gleaming mirror—but whatever you choose to imagine, make the shield bigger than you so that it protects you by deflecting all the energy coming toward you.

You can even imagine that your shield wraps a force field totally around you, encircling and protection you from negativity, toxic energy, or any unwanted energetic intrusion.

5. Cleanse and recharge with salt, oils, crystals, and plants.

Did you know that salt cleanses and grounds our spiritual energy and can draw out toxins from the body? You can use Epsom salts or sea salt and simply add a cup to your bathwater to enjoy its therapeutic effects.

Frankincense is also known for its purification and removes negativity from the body, aura, and environment. You can add a few drops of essential oil to bathwater to enjoy its transdermal effects (do a skin sensitivity test first) or use an essential oil burner to breathe in the fragrance.

Crystals are highly effective at strengthening, cleansing, and repairing the aura (the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the human body). Black tourmaline, onyx, and aragonite all draw off and transmutes negative energy. Shungite, black amber, and polychrome jasper can be used for protection. See which one you are drawn to and wear it as jewelry or carry it in your pocket or place on your work desk. Cleanse your crystals on a regular basis in salt or using sage (see below) or leave them overnight on a windowsill beneath the night sky.

Plants are an awesome filter for negative energy. Spider plants, cactus, orchids, jasmine, snake plants, and Calatheas are all houseplants that absorb negative energy and can supercharge your home or workspace.

6. Clear the air with sage.

Burning sage is one of the best ways to clear negative energy and has been used for thousands of years across many ancient cultures and traditions. Research has also shown it reduces stress, has powerful antibacterial properties, and can act as a natural antidepressant.

To “smudge” yourself and your home (maybe even your vehicle, office, or workspace) simply buy a bundle of sage, light the end of it so it begins to burn and blow out the flames (it is the smoke that purifies). You can hold the sage over a saucer to collect any bits that may fall off. You can work your way around the four corners of the room from top to bottom and then swirl the smoke throughout the space. You can even waft the smoke around your head and body.

It can help to set the intention before doing this with a simple prayer or invocation such as, “I call upon the power of the universe to join me in purifying the energy of my body and my home.” As you’re smudging, you can even repeat a simple mantra such as, “I cleanse and purify the energy of this space.” Space clearing, as this is also known, will leave you and your home feeling clear, light, and positive.

7. Do what makes you happy.

In just the same way that ourselves and our energy field can become drained and battered, it can also be recharged and energised. So it’s worth thinking about what makes us happy.

Whose company uplifts and brightens you? Who makes you laugh? What activities and hobbies enable you to be mindful? What makes your soul shine and puts a sparkle in your eyes? Make time in your busy schedule for the things that uplift and energise you. Learning to meditate is also a life skill that just has to be included here. Download an app today and transform your spiritual life and being.

The human body is made up of seven billion, billion, billion atoms! You’re a multidimensional, energetic being comprised of mind, body, and spirit. The energy that you’re made of is interconnected with all life and the universe. It’s little wonder then that we’re affected by our surroundings, other people, places, and events, not to mention the energy of our own thoughts and feelings.

All the ideas here can be used anytime but as we all know, the more we do something, the easier and more habitual it gets! So, be patient with yourself—practice makes perfect. It takes time to build new habits into our daily routine. A Post-it Note by your toothbrush or a reminder in your phone are useful spiritual prompts.

Fortifying yourself with the practices explained here will not only help you to combat the toxic elements of life, of our busy nonstop world, but are also priceless in building your spiritual strength to maximize your well-being physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I really hope that they inspire you and make a huge difference to the quality of your life.




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