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November 12, 2019

Coming Back

A prayer tonight, I pray you might,

find me again..

when dust, it’s settled,

for now I dream

at rise of e’ry sun it seems

Your skin on mine, and shape of you

surrounds me now, I think I’d die –

a most luckiest death, here by your side


Left cheek down, right limb on top

(Surely can he feel, this beat

-ing in my heart?); and spending breath

each time this day

makes us to say

“until the time we meet in dark”


As mother earth turns down her sheath,

beams of light behind her shore

Chest swells with you, though I must know..

Sun says to moon, for now.. no more


So I toss, switch sides and turn,

attempt to feel the weight of arm

safe to keep me through my sleep

.. Oh I pray to make waves back to you


Chest, it pulls, for it must know..

each night, it grips the loss of you

So now I dream each dream it seems –

one day you’ll make it back to me;

and when breaths spin their final arc

side by side, our souls embark

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