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November 27, 2019

When Women Lose Interest

Women love when their partner is fascinated and fascinating.

He is fascinated.

When a woman feels she is the object of her partner’s fascination, she will stay interested. What does this look like?

  • He pursues her. This is often where women lose interest, particularly in the early stages of dating. Men: woo her. Never stop wooing her. This means picking up the phone and calling instead of endless texting. This means reaching out regularly. I once heard a guy friend say ‘if a man goes 48 hours without contacting you, he’s not interested.’ It’s true, and a woman feels it. If a women is left wondering how you feel about her as a result of your absence, she will lose interest fast. To hold her interest, the rules of courtship apply: flowers just because, opening of doors, arriving on time, all manner of gentlemanly behavior, and most importantly, regular contact. If you had a great date, tell her. This is less pep talk, more observation: fascinated men can barely hold themselves back from reaching out and not soon enough. Speaking personally, if a man doesn’t call me 24 hours after a date, I start to lose interest.

He is fascinating.

When a man is fascinating, a woman will stay interested. This is a man who:

  • is curious about the world and is a life-long learner

He’s figured out what he wants to contribute to the world and is doing it. He’s ambitious but also takes time to relax and have fun. He’s intentional about building and pouring into those important to him. He wakes up each day excited to learn, do, contribute. A fulfilled man.

All of these things are a life force for him. He doesn’t need a woman to complete him. He has a full, thriving life already. He’s got it going on. He’s someone she can lean on, learn from, respect, and desire. He’s fully perfect & external to her. And that grounded, stable presence pulls her in.

Fascinated and fascinating

I was recently at an event where the speaker could not stop talking about his

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