December 7, 2019

Don’t Carry your Wounds. Let your Heart Forgive.


Ah, sounds great, doesn’t it?

We all want to be so zen and centered enough that we can just blow things off.

Practising forgiveness is f*cking difficult.

We beg our heart to let go of the pain and hurt caused by our friends, partners, or parents.

But we just can’t. We think they don’t deserve it.

And most of the time, we are probably right.

The more we think about the situation, the more we create patterns around it.

It is then not only just an event of our past, but it is also subconsciously a part of our everyday life.

Every time you think about how you fell for the trick, how you let yourself down by having faith in the wrong person.

How you fell for deception and could have gotten out sooner but didn’t love yourself enough, so you put yourself in a loop of disaster.

No matter how enlightened, expanded, or self-aware you are, loops can destroy you and integrate themselves into your future.

You cannot judge these emotions, nor can you run from them. You must carefully feel this pain right through to the end.

When you silently whisper to the parts of yourself you neglected, decide to forgive, and concentrate on what you can change (your future), outrageous miracles begin to happen.

Your gut issues will clear.

Migraines and insomnia disappear.

You smile at the world again.

Immediately, you will realise the path to mystifying success is not money, an apartment, friends not in alignment, or toxic relationships.

It is simply to stop carrying around your wounds and reprogram your mind.

It is pressing delete, no matter how much your fingers shake as you push the button.

Rejection, bitching, or not fitting in is scary because in our human biology it is a matter of life or death.

If we were not accepted by a tribe, we died.

So for some, it’s simply easier to conform. Easier to imitate narcissism and form into a group.

But for the courageous, the ones who have the balls to show who they really are to the world, it is painful.

The reason we hold onto our pain for so long is that we get stuck in the belief that we can change the past.

If we hold onto it long enough, we can undo the wrong. We can make that person pay for what they did. Or we can make what went wrong for us change.

The truth is…we can’t.

It happened. It’s over.

It has probably been over for a long time.

Unfortunately, life throws us curveballs.

It is how we deal with them whilst staying true to ourselves that honestly determines how we move through them.

To accept is to be honest with yourself. It is the pinnacle of self-love and understanding.

People we meet are mirrors; instead of reacting, we must learn to breathe.

When you are willing to forgive the harm that has been done to you, you become present. You approach new opportunities with a fresh mindset.

Forgiveness is not about letting the person who betrayed you walk free.

It is about finally letting yourself walk free.

It is so liberating when you get to walk this earth as your true, authentic self.

It is the healthiest and most courageous way to move through this precious thing we only get one shot at: Life.

Repeat after me: I am free.

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