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December 4, 2019

Love is an Accident Waiting to Happen – A Poem

Love is an Accident Waiting to Happen

“Love is eternal. If it ends, it wasn’t love, only attachment.”
— Nelson Rodrigues, novelist


Love is an accident waiting to happen,
A collision of hearts,
Through kindness and laughing.

Slippery is that ledge between lover and friend,
And no alarms go off,
When you’re about to fall in.

When doors are held open,
People quicken their steps,
And rush through that gate,
Past a wide-open chest.

Gratitude is not planned,
But it folds into your wake,
The heart flowers naturally,
In that rainshower of grace.

Love taps a well,
where an ocean abounds,
Wind fills your sail,
When a safe shore is found.

An invisible force, Love’s source stays unfound,
Roaring like a mighty river, yet hiding underground,
It’s the music in our head,
While no one else hears a sound.

Love anoints all our wounds,
Once the dam is taken down,
It floods our deepest canyons,
Like a tide of tears over burial mounds.

It survives in the darkness,
In a drought, roots will dive deeper,
Heavy snows water it secretly,
For when a seed, takes that vow of silence, it outlasts the longest winter.

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