December 26, 2019

My newest Pet Peeve: Canada Goose! ~ Waylon

If I broke Redford’s leg in a trap, he might chew it off to get back to take care of his little pups. If he didn’t, and I killed him, and skinned him, and wore him, you’d think I was barbaric.

You’d be right.


Remember how we finally figured out that wearing fur is cruel? Mink coats, and the like, fell out of favor?

Well, thanks to Canada Goose, we’re taking a step backward. I’ve seen four (update: 10) Canada Goosers walk in the cafe I’m meeting in, in just the past hour. Let’s stop stepping backward, and take a step forward. Here’s why:

Bill Maher on Canada Goose:

Bill Maher Calls Out ‘Douches’ for Wearing Vile Canada Goose Jackets

An in-depth objective look at the down, fur, trapping without regularly checking those traps (so cruel) and Canada Goose’s habit of lying when caught:

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Read 3 comments and reply

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