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December 9, 2019

Out of Body Leap into a Parallel Universe

I just couldn’t fall sleep; tossing and turning in bed for what felt like hours. I slowly opened one eye to peek at the clock. To my devastation, the clock read 1 a.m.

I rolled onto my back. I took a deep breath and released a deep slow sigh, which is something I do often as it allows me to relax and release built-up stress. My mind started to wander as I was thinking of my options: what will help me sleep?

I decided to set the intention to travel out of body. It would definitely allow me to achieve the deepest state of relaxation possible, which is needed to have an out of body experience, as well as hopefully knocking me out so that I could sleep. What did I have to lose?

With each deep and slow in-breath and exhale, my body begins to slowly relax and vibrate. I am starting to tingle all over, head to toe, and become heavy, feeling loose and limp. Releasing all control, I allow myself to drift away from the body as the vibrations are becoming more intense with each breath, and I can feel my etheric body separating from my physical form.

I am now in a Theta brainwave state – Not asleep, and not awake; conscious and aware.

In this state, everything happens at light-speed, and through merely having a thought you’ll find yourself there. “I will remember my experience,” I say clearly in my mind, as I find myself in a familiar, yet unfamiliar scene.

Where am I? As I look to find a clock, a date, anything to explain the scene, I see 2011. I am in an old familiar bedroom, and I’m feeling emotional as I realize that I am in a situation that I can’t ever remember having experienced. Or maybe I can remember experiencing it but in a different way. The room looks like mine, but different.

Having seen enough and feeling uncomfortable, I remove myself from the scene.

Instantaneously, I feel my etheric body that is currently having this experience start to vibrate again, and it’s becoming more intense as if I am getting ready to accelerate and be transported into a new scene.

I orient myself. Where am I? As I look to find a clock, a date, anything to explain the scene. I see 2011. What’s going on? I look around and I’m in the same room, but everything about this room is yet again different. I feel nervous and uneasy. I find a mirror, and as I’m looking at myself, I realize that this is a different version of me.

I’m jumping timelines. It took me a moment to realize that I was jumping to different node points in time, where I’m experiencing the life as Chrysilla who has made the opposite decision than what has brought me to where I am today; here and now.

When we get to crossroads where we are given options, we will naturally choose one over another, making the decision we feel is in our best interest. A version of us will also experience and choose the opposite, creating a parallel timeline that follows the track of the other choice. I believe that I may have unconsciously been wondering what my life would have been like at this particular crossroad in 2011 when some of my relationships were breaking down.

In hindsight, I wish I had been able to speak to that version of myself to reassure her that everything will be okay, but this never-before experience took me by surprise.

I jumped timelines more than once that night, and the experience was surreal, yet so real that I was afraid I would not be able to make the journey back.

I’m now experiencing timeline jumps on a regular basis while being conscious and awake. Does it happen at night in dream time? I am not sure, although I have read about real-life experiences of people waking up after a good night’s sleep; in their bedrooms, recognizing their room, but not their bedding, nor their partners.

I simply cannot imagine what it would feel like to wake up to a completely new life. With that thought let’s not tempt fate.

We do live in a matrix, and I think like a computer that glitches all the time, potentially so does the matrix that we are in. Often, we may go down rabbit holes without knowing where it leads, as we are curious beings in nature. Could this have been one of those experiences?

Who knows?

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

Edited by Diana Adair

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