December 22, 2019

We Asked Readers if they had Holiday Traditions they wished didn’t Exist—Responses were Heartbreaking, Hilarious, & Eye-Opening.

Oh, the Holidays.

They can be a warm, joyous time for some—and a complete hell for others.

We recently asked readers if they had any traditions they would rather do without around the Holiday season. Their responses were striking—they made me realize the pain the Holidays hold for so many people.

Here are a mixture of the responses—the funny, the heartbreaking, and the relatable:

  1. “That f**king elf.” ~ Jay W. 
  2. “Gift giving (and shopping). I’m just so bad at it.” ~ Nora P. 
  3. “I will no longer make Xmas tamales for relatives that only come around once a year for 45 minutes. My family is very toxic.” ~ Christine M. 
  4. “The annual holiday fight between my mom and dad—glad THOSE days are over!” ~ Christine S. 
  5. “The entire commercial Christmas gift giving.” ~ Pegi M. 
  6. “Trying to make sure eight grandkids get a perfect present in the correct size and style without favoring one more than the other. It’s not the kids but moms keeping tabs on who was most favored. Toxic.” ~ Amanda L. 
  7. “One certain relative attending.” ~ Meredith O. 
  8. “The anticipation of walking on eggshells waiting for the neurosis of others to explode.” ~ Erin B. 
  9. “Hugging people. Let’s not hug and just say hello and goodbye. I’m a touch me not. Their hugs are fake and creepy anyways.” ~ Erin B. 
  10. “I wish all families involved would get together as one family so one part of the family isn’t driving all over, rushing each visit.” ~ Rebecca G. 
  11. “OMG the dreaded Secret Santa gift swap and swipe.” ~ Lynn L. 
  12. “The holidays in the branches of my family have mostly shrank to a shadow of their former selves. There isn’t really anything left I wish wasn’t there but there is a whole lot of traditions and people I miss that I never see anymore or have passed away. I cherish what remains while those traditions are still here to experience while we continue to make new ones.” ~ Nathan K. 
  13. “The family part. Can that be optional without feelings getting hurt?” ~ Iris O. 
  14. “Christmas cards.” ~ Vivki M. 
  15. “Yass, six grandparents all from blended families, four kids blended family as well. Trying to fit everyone in, might I add, none of the grandparents will attend the same event. I forgot to say I’m the host.” ~ Tracey H. 
  16. “Gossip.” ~ Nise C. 
  17. “Yes a**holism.” ~ Jen N. 

Bonus: We asked a reader to share what the worst Secret Santa gift she had received was. Her response:

“A pair of men’s slippers ???.” 

Another reader: “I got a bag of 50 golf balls and tees. I don’t golf. Come on, at least make it a household gift.” 

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Read 6 comments and reply

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