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January 16, 2020

Scale and weight loss battles

Attention please, yes you, the woman hiding under your many layers of clothes, your baggy dress as you couldn’t bear to look in the mirror failing to have the energy to leave the house as it’s too heavy on your mind to accept the fact that a year from your promise has almost passed and your target wasn’t reached. I will be stealing a moment of your time, alienating you from the negative line of thought that you so purposefully distract yourself with all through the day. May I just point out, demand, that you will not let that number on your scale define you, possess your thoughts and break your self esteem that you worked so hard for all your life. Yes, that number does not match your wishes but is it enough to let it destroy your beautiful self? Would you accept someone saying the same things about you that you so freely say to yourself? No. You will be insulted and fearlessly angry that someone arrogantly enough saw you by your size and not as a woman with ample full of respect, love and capacity to give to others and surround the people around you with much love and positivity yet you are so hard on yourself.

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