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January 19, 2020

The Impact of Spiritual Awakening on Your Relationship

In the beginning of the spiritual journey, we all come across many difficulties because it is not something that goes through our  physical body but it is a dimension shifting within the consciousness. This shift leads you to be lost in your thoughts, negative emotions which drive your relationship towards a complicated state. 

People in relationships  change over time but often they evolve together and grow. When you are going through spiritual awakening, you might be experiencing and exploring the ultimate truth of the universe which hasn’t been experienced by your partner. Spiritual awakening leads you to view the universe from a  new perspective. With spiritual awakening, you realize how things are in their real form rather than focusing on how they should be. This is the main reason to have a complicated relationship during your spiritual awakening period. You are experiencing a different reality and the other person is living in a different world with a different point of view. Your partner may take no interest or may be against your new passion. It creates an isolated feeling and distance in the relationship. So, the conflict will happen. It is bound to happen. 

The initial experiences in spiritual awakening can be painful for you as you will be dealing with the darkest shades of yourself. You may experience a breakdown or fatigue, low energy levels. As you experience the paradigm shift during spiritual awakening, your relationship also goes through dynamic changes which can be both positive and  negative. Most of the time these changes reflect in the form of releasing negative emotions. With the help of your master or teacher this is the right time to make you realize that you are stronger than your circumstances, your mental state and your emotional blockages. 

Spiritual awakening is a healing process – healing your physical body and spiritual body. During this process you need time, alone time, as spiritual awakening is purely an individual journey. Your love partner may take no interest in your new journey and find you to be overly reactive or overly critical. You may receive three types of responses – 

  1. Positive Response – If you receive a positive response from your partner, then it will be a wonderful experience. You can share your experience with your partner. There is a possibility that your partner may take an interest in your spiritual journey and be cooperative with you. 
  2. Neutral Response – When your partner doesn’t respond to your changes, then sometimes it is more helpful. Now, you don’t have to deal with the reactions of your partner and it is easy for your move forward in your spiritual awakening journey. 
  3. Negative Response – It is obvious that you partner won’t be able to understand your spiritual awakening journey and he/she takes it as fiction or pretense. In this case, it will create chaos in your life and sometimes it is recognized as the biggest obstacle in your spiritual awakening journey. It may cause the relationship to break up during this period. It is very difficult to establish a connection between two individuals living in a different paradigm. Both individuals may not know  how to deal with each other anymore. 

So is it really the end of relationship? 

There is always a possibility of rebuilding the relationship and with the help of your mentor, you can try to convert your partner’s response from negative to neutral and then positive. You can explore the limit to which your loving partner shares in your new paradigm’s belief and knowledge. You can avoid long conversations on concepts that you are learning or going through about. You can share only how you feel about certain situations and current circumstances and give his/her confidence that it will produce a positive result and better relationship in the longer term. 

If you are going through this situation of your relationship or marriage life, then split ups are  not always the final solutions. Perhaps you both need to take a look at your togetherness and give time to restore the relationship. 

Cleansing the Emotional blockages with a Mentor

After a certain time period, the spiritual awakening can help in restoring the old relationship because it takes you back to the first stage of your marriage life. But before that, you need to work with your mentor, psychologist or marriage counselor to release your negative emotional blockages. There may be some sessions you would require to attend together as it will help you to understand each other and restore the connection of the relationship. 

The psychologist helps to handle the emotional side of the relationship, it is not enough to bandage the issue but it is required to heal it completely. As it comes to spiritual awakening issues, you need to consult with you spiritual mentor as it will help to deal with spiritual shortcomings of a person which is the main cause of the broken relationship.  The spiritual mentor help you to bring out the inner experience that is causing the real rift with your partner. 

A spiritual mentor helps you to clarify the unresolved issues that arose from the past, divine awakening. By consulting with him, he or she will help you both to understand  the changes that happened in the past. Understanding and accepting each other would help you as a couple to save the relationship. If you deal with the spiritual shortcomings together, it will take your  love relationship to new horizons and restore a happy love life. 

Always remember one thing, each individual is unique and has its own individual spiritual journey whether he/she knows or doesn’t know. It is impossible that in a relationship both partners hold the exact same believes. Always remember to move forward in love and spirituality. Choose the path that establishes harmony in your spiritual journey and relationship. 

Before you move forward on the path of spirituality, you need to consult with the right mentor from a reputed yoga studio who can help you to choose the right path for your spiritual journey. 

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