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February 14, 2020

How Can Swimming Enhance Your Workout?

Fitness is a game people around the world are consumed with. The media, magazines, and society, in general, have a mindset of what it is to be physically fit. The bar has been set pretty high by some social entities such as celebrities and models. Some would claim it is putting pressure on a specific gender or another, however, both areas have targets that are set. Not all of us fit that “bill” and we try anyway because it is healthy to be active no matter what the end result is. We are going to talk about how to add a workout to your routine that will be easier on your body than that of a high impact routine.


What Type Of Workout Should I do?


We see the infomercials on a certain beach in Florida, a high impact dance exercise, a club where 30 physically fit people are sweating and jumping around. I for one cannot do that kind of workout. I, for one, am not already physically fit and look good jumping around like that even if I could. So, my solution is to do some low impact cardio and swim. It’s that simple. Three times a week I do some sitting exercises and then swim two days a week. That way I am actively working out five days a week. I discussed with my doctor what would be safest for my heart conditions and he spoke with the personal trainer. Not saying that something can’t happen but having both of them discussing what is safe gives me peace of mind. Your workout should be specialized to you and your health issues, not mainstream exercise routines or programs.


How Do I Workout At Home?


Joining a gym is expensive for a reason and that reason is that the equipment is expensive. Most pool merchants will offer financing a pool easily. The personal trainers and training they provide are expensive. The ambiance of the gym is what we pay for too as well as the bragging rights to post on social media that we are there doing what we are supposed to do. Our social media peers encourage us and hold us accountable for committing to going let alone the attention we get when we post where we are. However, for some of us, half the battle is getting to the gym. If we had the equipment at home we could just go directly to the desired choice of equipment and do our routine for the day without being half tired by the time we get there. Investing in home equipment is just that, an investment. But well worth it.


What Equipment Can I Get For Home?


Typical home gym equipment is great and readily available in a wide variety of styles and types. Recently indoor swimming pools have become available and easier to install. Not only do they offer resistance swimming but have options for hydrotherapy, underwater treadmills, and other exercises at home. The ability to customize your swim routine is worth the price. Swimming adds to the other exercising and is not high impact yet works for all muscle groups and gets the heart going so good cardio to boot. 




Getting a good workout is very important to our bodies, maybe not just for looks, but also for our overall well being and health. Eating right and being active are crucial to a good quality of life. And adding a home gym alleviates some of our physical issues and pain without having to get to and from the gym and use up car fuel.


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