February 24, 2020

New Moon Ritual: Find Soft, Sweet Self-Love for the Coming Month.

Find a quiet and comfortable seat.

Invite the neck and shoulders to rotate for a few breaths, if that feels good.

Shifting anything to settle in more deeply.

Calling your energy back from all the places you spent it this week, month.

This lifetime…

Sitting tall, making room for your breath to flow in and out completely.

Gently closing eyes, turning your attention within.

Maybe palms are open upward, signifying to your body-mind you’re in a state of receptivity, or, if you wish, lightly connecting index and thumbprints together in the Wisdom mudra.

Returning attention to the breath, encouraging a complete inhale and exhale.

Feeling the flow of air in and out of your lungs.

Allowing it to slow, yet deepen.

Noticing the rise and fall of your belly as you breathe, like a wave flowing in and back out again.

Like the waves of emotions that wash over us.

On the next exhale, allow your teeth to part and relax your jaw and ears that you may hear the voice of wisdom speak through you more clearly.

Exhale again and allow your eyelids and temples to relax.

Invite that place between brows to soften and your mind’s eye to open.

Bring your attention there now to see messages flow in from your higher self.

It is through the breath that spirit and consciousness connect.

Continue inhaling deeply.

Encourage your belly to expand softly and slowly.

Listen to the feelings as they cycle quietly though your body.

Imagine your next breath lifting and expanding your heart.

Breathe into the space of love at its center.

Getting in touch with your deepest desires.

If your heart space feels closed, think of how each contraction softens the cervix in preparation for birth.

So it is, when the heart softens and opens we can birth a new story for ourselves.

As your breath energizes your heart space, the love there is amplified.

Invite the wisdom gathered from your inner ears, eyes, knowingness, and deepest desires to merge in your heart space.

What is true for you when you reflect on what you need in love from another?

How best can you offer your love to yourself,

to another,

to the world?

Sit in silence as you reflect.

When you are gifted with a sense of knowingness.

Bring hands to heart and release the sound of Ohm.

The vibration of creation.

Spend a few quiet minutes journaling if you wish, so you may carry your new understanding of your heart’s desire into the next month and to your growing self.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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