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February 10, 2020

That Tree Was the Staff – A Poem honoring the Full Moon

Snowy forest all aglow,
Under full moonlight,
The hidden, becomes known

Even the Nightsky,
Who most often wears black,
Shows off his true blue,
With all that light bouncing back

All the wildthings
Rejoice on a well-lit path,
The story of the night,
written in their tracks

Who could resist
Such a revelation as that,
With everything illuminated,
That once wore a mask

Still human creatures play dead,
When the curtain is pulled back,
Afraid to unveil the mystery,
They stay frozen on their backs

Why do we kneel for the answers,
But jump with fright,
When the Universe calls back

We say we wear sunglasses at night,
Because the future is so bright,
But we’re weary of possibilities,
presented by moonlight

Like the brave animals,
We must run at the task,
Throw fear to the wind,
And chase Life down the path

There are ways through the woods that the wildthings know,
And if you wait for the moon you can follow them in the snow,
You will have everything you need
But nothing you don’t,

Struggle you might
But peace won’t let you go,
Staying Wild you’ll prosper,
Yet humans won’t see it so

That’s the thing with authenticity,
As you’ll know,
You have your pureself through it all,
But things will come and go

Humans proclaim they can’t see,
The forest for the tree,                                                                                                                                                                      they make their own obstacles,
On the path to righteous being

But don’t be afraid,
to lose that fake made up world,
When you get where you’re going,
There’s no need to be heard.

Commit to the path,
Of your heart and just laugh,
Maybe one day you can tell them,
“That tree was the Staff.”

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