March 17, 2020

10 Little Reasons to feel more Hopeful Today.

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We’re all a little scared right now—maybe a little more than a little.

We are, right? Just being honest here.

As more and more of us either self-isolate or enter quarantine, the fear is spreading. Has it hit you yet? I felt it last week. That cold, lonely feeling that comes coupled with fear. It makes you feel small and helpless in ways that we don’t like to acknowledge. Fear is one of the greatest motivators.

Thankfully, there’s also a better one: hope.

This morning I shared with my co-workers here at Elephant a list of some of the things that I was most grateful for in the midst of these uncertain times. Gratitude for what we have has always felt like a secret weapon to me. If wielded correctly, it can tear fear to shreds.

After some consideration, I’ve decided that one of the things I am most grateful for is the kindness and humanity I’m seeing shared in these tumultuous times. Complete and total strangers have made me laugh and cry more in the last several weeks than I can remember. I’ve had to blink tears out of my eyes before leaving comments; blow a snotty, running nose before sharing a post; and I’ve smiled and laughed so loud that folks in other rooms have wondered.

People, quite simply, amaze me.

When put to the test we humans sometimes fail (example: the current toilet paper crisis). But so much more often, we rise to the challenge—and when we rise, we bring others up with us.

Let’s keep rising.

And so I present you with a handful of examples I’ve found of stunningly awesome humans rising to the challenge of the Coronavirus outbreak:

1. If this isn’t the type of love we’re all looking for, I don’t know what is:

2. Three cheers for supporting small family businesses in a safe way, while still showing up and supporting our families, friends, and communities. We’re all hurting. This is just plain kind:

3. I’m not one to be dramatic, but I am confident that I momentarily died and was brought back to life by this video. I’m pretty sure I could watch penguins walk and investigate the world just about anywhere, but somehow seeing them explore their own “home” is just downright perfect for this empty-ish world right now.

Follow more animal adventures here.

4. Laugh all you want, but these Spaniards are killin’ it.

5. I’m not a musician, but I find deep comfort in the shared emotions that music can express, from one human to another. The great Yo-Yo Ma sharing a piece of his soul with the world at this time is something to stop and be grateful for:

6. In so many ways this crisis is asking us to slow down and reconsider our choices. What better way to slow down than to vacation at home? Talk about making the most of the situation! Cruise or no cruise, we can take a cue from these fine folks:

7. Laughter may not heal COVID-19 but it does heal most ills, including fear, anxiety, and social isolation:

8. This fine gentleman honestly made me tear up a bit. He’s a garbageman and man, oh man, am I grateful for everyone with essential jobs. He says it all:

9. I must say that I concur and that this might just win most of the internet points I have left to give away…

10. And finally, because my mom shared this on Facebook last night and I died laughing. You know, in a good way.


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