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March 13, 2020

A Love Letter to the Other Woman.


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*Author’s note: “woman” can be used interchangeably with any gender/pronoun. 


Hi, my love

I want to approach you with kindness


A warm energy for you to settle in to.

Sweet dear, come sit next to me

We’ll make some tea

Milk, sugar, honey—

All the fixings.

I have some questions that came to mind

Throughout this battle of the heart

That has left me feeling rather small

And I’m wondering

How I can settle

For a love so small?

How I can say that this is love

While they hold the hands of others?


I know you think what you have with them is love—

And I get it.

I thought what I had with them was love,


We are all just souls

Trying to find our way.


I know you think what you have with them is romantic


A little bit mysterious.

That they’ll choose you.

Searching for love

From an unavailable heart

Is an addicting game.

Sometimes it’s easier

Than searching for love

Inside of our own

Unavailable hearts.

People keep telling me

I should hate you

I should curse you

I should wish you two a life of unhappiness


But instead, sweet soul,

I am here to tell you

That there is love grander than the ocean waiting for you.

There are hands that will hold yours

And only yours.

There are hearts that will be so open for you

They will turn your whole body warm

Like a glass of red wine at dusk.

There are arms that will wrap themselves around you like branches of the old willow tree you played under at six years old—familiar, safe, strong.

There are eyes that will see you and no one else

Because they are too busy remembering the placement of every single freckle on your golden body.

There is love that is honest



And true.

My love, if we left

You can too.

Take our hand

Let’s walk home


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