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March 26, 2020

A Sliver of Light during COVID-19.

When we were taken away from each other

We realized how much

We need each other.


When everything was taken away

But the Earth

We realized how much

We need the Earth.


When our jobs were taken away

We prayed for a world that would let us fall into its’ arms

A system that would support us.


When our travel was banned

We were reminded of the sweet simplicity in a long phone call

With our grandpas

Over a cup of tea

And the birds were reminded

Of clear skies to roam.


When schools were closed

Meals were taken away

From our youth

And they wondered

With teary eyes

When the world would decide to hold them

If they would ever live in a society

That wanted them to succeed.


When they told us our elders were at risk

Our hearts began to crack

Over the thought that the stories

And wisdom

Engrained in their bones

Would no longer be able to welcome us

Into their holiness.


When our healthcare workers

Showed up day after day

With hopeful, persevering eyes

And loving, devoted hands to serve

We prayed for them each night

Our true warriors.


When hugs were discouraged

We remembered

How lucky we are

To have branches called arms

To wrap around other beating hearts.


When they told us to stock up

On supplies

We realized how little we really need

We always had an extra roll of toilet paper

Another gallon of milk

A loaf of bread

To give.


We realized how simple it all is,



When they told us to stop,

We stopped.


Couples made love for the first time in months

Families ate slowly at the table

With no rush

Passed bread and butter

Over soft smiles

Of those

Trying their best.

Kids asked their caretakers

To tell them a story

Of their lives

While they sat

And listened

With eager, imaginative ears

And they began to see a human

Inside of every grown up

Because we too, were scared.


We woke to natural light

Instead of blaring alarms

Rising slowly

Unsure of what the day would bring.


We rode bikes

We danced on balconies

We sang into the black of night.


We walked towards nothing

Remembered what it is like

To journey without the intent of a destination

Remembered who we are

Without traffic


Happy hour.


We found a park

Put our feet on the grass turning green

Below us

Looked up at the sky

And peaking in through the clouds

We were embraced

By a small


Of light.


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