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March 28, 2020

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic!

Why I want to pen down these moments?

Because I feel my emotions are quite intense these days, and if I don’t settle them down safely somewhere; by engaging them at work, I’m afraid I might slip into those uncharted territory of panic and fear. I’m not shutting them out, but I’m tending to those tender needs of my own anxious days, where I want to move forward with enough survival skills, if required! And this temptation of leaning on the news, messages, and social media updates to get a glimpse of the sufferings our globe is going through right now can be downright scary and confusing.

The emotions that we go through during the darkest hours prepare us to see life more closely. No matter how hard the world tries to cheer us up or keep us entertained, and force us to think about different things; bottom line is, we have absolutely no idea how our life is going to unfold to us tomorrow, after a week, or after several months; No matter how hard we try to stay optimistic!

I feel, we must practice to do more of what’s possible on our part to support the humanitarian challenges and crisis, and stand together to do what’s best for everyone!

I was so touched by the outpouring emails in my inbox; from everyone responsible for keeping this world together, through different networks of business, media, education, hospitality, technology, medical, social responsibility, along with those tending to everybody’s basic, luxury, and fashion needs.

When the world comes together, either to fight a pandemic, or to save the planet- amazing moments of history is created.


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