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March 26, 2020

Everything that’s Wrong with saying COVID-19 is about Raising our Frequency.

Elephant’s Continually-updating Coronavirus Diary. ~ Waylon
Author’s Note: This is a strange and impactful time for all of us. I know we are all dealing with trauma in our own way. This is mine. It’s my personal truth, and possibly not yours. I hold both my own view and yours with a lot of compassion. ~ Wilrieke Sophia, author.


I didn’t make these up:

“This is about raising our frequency. When your frequency is high enough, the virus can’t touch you. The people dying, have a frequency that is too low.”

“This is the self-love virus, teaching us to slow down and heal the earth.”

“There’s a lot of people going [dying] now, and many more will go. These are the ones resisting the current that the earth is in, shifting from the 3rd to 4th dimension.”

“Thank you, Corona.”

These are a few of the many similar statements coming to me in the last few days from people in the so-called “consciousness scene.”

Some are young influencers with huge followings of people trusting every word they spread.

This is not new in the times of COVID-19. People spreading statements like these have been around far longer. Abraham Hicks said a few decades ago that the millions of Jews who got killed in the Second World War created their own reality. Basically, he stated that they vibrated on the wrong frequency, attracting death and suffering.

Maybe it’s the same message religious groups like the Jehova’s Witnesses spread all along: believe the wrong thing and you won’t go to heaven.

Right now, when the world is in crisis, people’s voices get louder. The articles, podcasts, and videos increase. It doesn’t comfort me. Instead, a fiery rage boils in my belly. It’s time to speak up.

First of all, I get it.

Life is a harsh experience (at least in certain times), and we need ways to deal with that.

This is a traumatic time, and the impact of this pandemic is unlike anything we have ever been through. We have been a lucky generation or two to never have experienced illness and death in such a way. It is a time of insecurity. Nobody knows how bad it is going to get; we only know there are government restrictions, our freedom is limited, and we may get sick ourselves tomorrow.

We need ways to cope right now, and there are many strategies. Some people rationalize and say, “It’s not so bad.” Others will go into full-on denial. Some people panic, feel depressed, get overly anxious.

And yes, some will say this is all happening for a reason. That this is needed to heal the earth, to grow us as human race, and to raise our frequency.

But let’s see it for what it is: a coping strategy—a coping strategy that is not as innocent as it may seem at first glance, and that is problematic in many ways.

I don’t believe everything is about raising our frequencies. Because what could be wrong with saying the earth is healing right now, and we’re shifting toward something better? Maybe not that much. But as soon as we start including an “us” versus “them” story, where “we” are consciously evolved and vibrating on a high frequency, it gets dangerous.

It’s not that I don’t believe the concept of frequencies. I do. Many things around us are frequencies, of which light and sound may be the easiest to understand. I do believe that we have a frequency too. We are built out of tiny particles, and they vibrate.

But here is where the discomfort comes in:

Who says it’s about raising our frequencies?

Is that a good thing, and who says so?

I keep thinking about the cartoons where a lady sings so high, with such a raised frequency, that the windows snap. Would it not be like that for us too?

To me, when I feel my frequency raised, I feel energetic, productive, high on life. It’s a lovely state. But it needs balance too—a low and slow frequency is just as necessary as a high one.

Frequencies are a dynamic thing; they rise and they fall, just like music. Sometimes my vibration is high, and sometimes it’s low. Sometimes it’s shallow, and sometimes it’s deep. When I’m mastering the art of frequencies, I can consciously shift between states. That’s where I believe mastery is; not in the constantly keeping of the highest frequency.

We are, essentially, victim-shaming.

This is the real painful part of the “us” versus “them” story—where the higher frequency is seen as something more evolved (or in less spiritual terms, better) than what is perceived as a low frequency.

When words are used stating that people “attract negative experiences into their vortex,” or “vibrate on a lower frequency,” or “cannot follow the current of the shift of the earth from 3D to 4D (or 5D—people seem to disagree on this one),” what we are saying is that these people aren’t good enough. What we are saying is that they are attracting sickness, suffering, and death because of their own shortcomings.

This is victim shaming—blaming people for getting sick, for being in the wrong place, in the wrong moment. It’s like the mother saying to her bleeding child after a fall, “It is your own fault you fell. You should have paid attention. You shouldn’t have fallen, you’re such an ignorant child!” and refusing to comfort it. It’s doubling the pain that is already there.

There’s another painful parallel I could draw. Some decades ago, there was a leader to a community. He was passionate about creating a better, more evolved world—a new paradise. Only the people with the highest frequency were allowed to be part of that. The others had to die because they would lower the quality of the vibration of the whole. This person took the lead in killing millions and millions of people. His name was Adolph Hitler.

How is our story, where we say that people die now because their vibration is low, or because they refuse the current, any different?

Everything happens for a reason?

This argument has been used many times in discussions around these topics: I believe everything happens for a reason, and even if I may not see it, there is a higher purpose to even the darkest events happening on earth.

There have been young doctors dying in this pandemic because they got infected by their patients while trying to help them.

I can’t help but think of the Second World War again. Did the world get any better when all those people died? And if so, did that balance the suffering of the victims, as well as all the pain and trauma caused in the people who survived? The emotional baggage handed to their children, and their children’s children?

I love thinking that everything happens for a reason. It’s the most soothing belief I hold when times are tough, especially when it’s beyond my control. It helps me when loved ones disappear out of my life, when a family member dies, or when I’m late for an appointment. But it’s not an argument to justify death and suffering.

Some things are not okay, and there is no way in which they will be.

There are many conspiracy stories finding their way in extreme events. Right now, COVID-19 being a way of the government to control people is just one of them. But isn’t the story where we believe “everything happens for a reason” not just another conspiracy theory?

To me, it’s the same story with different players. Now, it’s not the Illuminati or the government, but an entity called “the Universe” who is in control. There is a timeline and something or someone who has extreme power is shaping that timeline—with force if needed.

Some say that “extreme measures” like this pandemic were needed because of “extreme times.” Humanity didn’t listen. So now we are being punished. It’s victim-blaming within a conspiracy all over again.

I smell spiritual entitlement.

It’s easy to put ourselves above others simply because we managed, often through our privilege, to avoid COVID-19 or have only mild symptoms. When we are people of influence, we can grow fear in people by making them believe they are not doing it right when they get sick.

It is especially true that when our voices are heard, people often won’t ask us for our sources. They may believe us because of who we are. In my opinion, especially when we are those people—people of influence—we need to take responsibility for statements like “I believe we won’t get sick if our frequency is high enough.”

The effect of this “us” versus “them” story line is sowing fear.

I remember it from the time I was part of a tantric cult, and there were many things that could be done right or wrong. If we had sex the wrong way, with orgasms, we would have all kinds of physical issues and spiritual disadvantages. But sometimes, the body orgasms, even when trying not to. At a certain point, I would start fearing sex, because there was a possibility that I would do it “wrong” and experience all the pitfalls.

To everyone who is making these statements, I want to say, especially when you have people listening to you, whether it’s your younger sibling or thousands of followers on Instagram: these people will believe you. And when they do get sick, they will not only experience the suffering of the sickness, but also the suffering of believing they did something wrong.

I’ve been told that we are “talking on different levels.” To this I want to say: How dare you?

What you are doing is putting yourself above others. You are implying that there are things we don’t see that you do. That is a straightforward entitlement. It has nothing to do with compassion, evolving, or a loving stance.

But, there has to be a benefit, right?

Of course, there is. The air gets cleaner because there are fewer planes. We get time to step out of our Calvinistic production mindsets and focus on what really matters.

For some people, this will be beneficial for their well-being. They may decide to change jobs, meditate more, finally write that long-lost friend a letter, get quality time with the children while homeschooling, etc.

For others, the benefits may be found in finally undisturbed time to binge-watch their favorite series, sleep in until the afternoon, and cook elaborately for themselves. Others may finally write that book that will touch thousands.

There may always be a positive side to anything, and I believe that’s important to keep our spirits up. We need a purpose in life; wouldn’t it all feel pointless otherwise?

Attaching meaning to something traumatic just might help us survive and stay optimistic enough to rebuild for future generations. We all need ways to deal with sh*t—especially when that sh*t is really hard, like now.

This is a rough time for pretty much everyone. What we need right now is understanding, compassion, and patience. It seems that a time like this is bringing a lot of realness up to the surface. People who have been selling their truth of higher frequencies, shifts to higher dimensions, and ignoring the raw impact of disease to humans, suddenly don’t sound that compassionate anymore. At least not to me.

Although the gift wrap may seem to be one of compassion and empowerment, the message underneath is one of cruelty and entitlement.

I understand that we all need ways to deal with traumatic events, and that the spectrum of coping mechanisms is broad. I wish for all of us to gain clarity on our own strategies and become aware of the effects of our strategies on our fellow human beings.


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