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March 5, 2020

How Much To Open

Information seeps in, sometimes rushes

depending on my choice of how much to open.

How much am I closed still around the ideas of

security and safety

installed at birth?

Organizing around that inertial fulcrum

of ‘defend’, ‘guard’, ‘deny’,

I lose ground within myself,

fortifying the blockade preventing

access to my Self.

That inner black hole that opens to

the ALL, organizes and creates this

experience I am having that I call

by my name, and holds all my


So, how to fully open, surrendering

all defenses against the enemy

of my heart, and welcome that too

as a servant of my expansion?


In every moment, every breathe,

every thought, feeling, and experience.

I CHOOSE LOVE welcomes

that ultimate frequency of Truth that hits me

in the heart gut, and shines the light

of awareness in every dank dark corner

of my being.

Not to push away, deny or replace any

of that precious soil,

rather, to envelop, embrace,

and fertilize the darkness,

impregnating the fears with all they point to

as the teachers that they are.

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