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March 6, 2020

How my Journey to Obtain new Clients turned out to be an Internal Voyage

Recently, it felt like nothing I was doing to generate income was working. 

To give you a visual, imagine your standing at a Pier, and you’ve laid about 10 fishing wires out.

Every day, you’d appear at the pier, more disgruntled that the fish had not bit, yet every day you kept saying to yourself, “Well, I can’t lay more wires out, because I know that an orange fish is going to bite one of these lines, and then we’ll be able to eat for a few weeks.”

Because of this pier process, I was at a complete standstill in my writing career. 

I was desperately waiting for a few of the “big ‘orange’ fish” to say ‘yes’ to working with me. Though my strategy was a little silly and had me near panic level as a natural control freak, I was committed. I know that most people would say just to keep casting lines, keep selling, keep going, but I was sure of my lines, though, on the outside, it seemed far from effective.

Like most writers, when I was waiting to be inspired standing at my proviberal pier, I got on Facebook. In my scroll, I began to see a coach who was helping her clients get past their deep emotional wounds and become coded for wealth.

I scanned her posts day after day and thought, “Dang, if one of my orange fish would bite – I could join the group and be rich and happy, too.”

I was starting to go a little insane. Stupid fish. Stupid slow pace.

I was being a total fisher-woman victim.

I decided to flip the process and I messaged Elisa. I was eager for her support as I saw a recent post where she had gotten to the root fear of one of her client’s and the woman went on to make a difference in the world and make $50,000 to boot.

I temporarily left my pier and figuratively ran up to Elisa’s.

“Elisa, can you help me, too?” I asked.

She said yes. 

She began to decode my body from scarcity using Human Design Gene Keys and found there was a traumatizing memory from my Dad around the age of five or six. He had said something along the lines that I was stupid for speaking up and I internalized this fear and began to act as if everything I did was annoying.

You can imagine if you feel like you’re annoying, selling your services would be a huge problem. Right?

That’s like thinking I had my lines cast out for clients when in reality, my subconscious was drawing them back in every day, so no clients could join my business, because my energy was not matching my actions. I was terrified, shaking the lines, reeling them back in, and no fish could bite no matter how many vision boards I made. 

After Elisa and I’s coding session, I felt a variety of emotions, some high, some low. I could feel my body desperately wanting to grip to the victimhood, and my larger, higher self pulling me forward.

After about nine days of healing, I reappeared at the Pier with my lines cast strongly.

I stood firmly. I wanted to work with these big, orange, fish (erm, clients), I truly was sure now. So despite the little voice in my head saying to me that the fish were TOO big, TOO scary or TOO overwhelming…I steaded my groundedness through my feet and kept my lines cast out.

I got wildly clear about the exact people I wanted in my ghostwriting business. I handed them their lines like a firm handshake, “I am ready to serve you, and with this serving of you, your message will go further and we will both prosper.”

Then, like any good fisher-woman, I waited.

What came next was incredible, imagine the fish appearing on the lines and the joy of catching the one you’ve been waiting for, it is like peace meets the ecstasy of “it’s happening!”

I felt the tug of the lines and slowly it all came together.

What I learned through this process is that on the outside, we can think we’re doing everything right, but if on the inside the little girl or boy in us is terrified, our magic can’t come out into the world. We must be willing to heal ourselves, then serve others.

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