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March 29, 2020

Past Life Regression Explains True Healing

On March 18, 2014 Jim Brown from Stuart, Florida conducted a past life regression session. We had both attended Dr. Brian Weiss’s PLR course at Omega in New York, and wanted to practice. Before starting the session we briefly discussed about the anxieties associated with the early stages of a healing practice. About feeling confident, feeling ‘ready’, and charging people for services. The main area I wanted to explore were issues of anger and general discontent, however the session took a turn of its own, and I never got into those areas.

Here is the experience recalled:

“Jim skillfully led me through the induction and asked me to board an imaginary train that whizzed by every significant experience I’ve ever had. When the train finally stopped, I stepped on to a platform and saw myself as an older, knowledgeable, priestly sort of man who was important, wealthy, and privileged. I was wearing a white robe pinned at the shoulder. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly the date or country but it felt like ancient Rome.

I was confronted with the sight of a dark-skinned, hairy, wretched man, with rotten, blood-oozing teeth who was clearly miserable in every sense of the word. His piercing, blue (which I found puzzling) eyes, were pleading for help. I did not recognize this man, his presence felt like an intrusion that repulsed me to my core.

Jim asked me if I could tell what he needed. Although the man never spoke to me, I knew he was in pain. His life was a life of pain. Jim asked me how I could come to that conclusion. I said I could feel that pain coursing through his body and that my heart could sense his heart.

Jim asked me why the man was pleading with me. His condition disgusted me, yet his sight bored into me. I had everything, he had nothing. I knew I could help him but didn’t feel I should, and would be scorned by the other elites if I did. We, the elite and privileged, are used to turning a blind eye. Jim asked me if it was his karma that put him in this situation. I wasn’t sure what caused his condition. Karma does exist, but I heard myself saying firmly that everyone experiences different circumstances to enhance soul learning to meet the soul’s full potential.

Without saying a word, the man clutched my feet. I reached down and held his head and that is when it hit me. In a flash we became one. I felt his pain, he felt my healing energy. We connected within a circular wave as an indistinguishable entity. I realized in that moment that all the trappings of life cannot replace the personal power within. When you connect with that power and use it for healing, there lies the truth about healing. Everything else is false – window dressing. Healing takes place because you connect and not because you have a PhD, wealth, power or resources.”

After the session, we both were in awe of what had transpired. We realized that the path of a healer is one of a heart-centred empath. The medical degrees are nice, but without compassion, and empathy, you skim the surface and true healing lies unattended. The experience reiterated that we must abide by our calling, despite the misgivings. When you connect, and use your power, that is the truth. Only that is real. Everything else is false. 

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