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March 14, 2020

The GIFT of Loving Too Much


I hated the fact that I had such a big heart, because the deeper you love than the more excruciating heartbreak can feel. I thought I was doing it wrong. I just wanted to shut down my heart and I resolved I was DONE with love. Just completely done. But I’ve had a new revelation inspired by an incredible woman named Maria that felt so simple, yet so powerful and I just had to share.

Consider this quote below from a webinar I listened to tonight that inspired this post.

✨”Your power is in your feeling.
In it’s depth and how much you love.
In how much you give.
In your presence.
In how you show up for yourself when you’re triggered.

Your power is found when your heart cracks open the hard shell revealing the gift of who you are.

It’s in the bravery of being alone when you need to feel.
And the bravery of knowing when you need to be with people.

I see now that the more tender I am with myself the more tender I can be with others.
I am making peace with the shame.
I no longer want to repeat the cycle.

Give yourself permission to love and be loved.” ✨-Maria Palumbo

That person who broke your heart? Or maybe you broke theirs….
It was a gift for both you to love that person, and for them to receive it.
What a gift. Can you really sink into that?

It doesn’t mean you live in a fairytale where you view the world with rose colored glasses all the time, but rather it’s learning that it’s okay to feel even when it feels scary.

There is no shame in loving as much as you love. Shame also contributes to mental health struggles such as anxiety and depression. They say that depression is anger turned inward. It goes beyond just navigating dating/relationships. It’s learning to lean into who you are. Not the script of who society tells you to be.

I also invite men to step into their feelings too. I know some people say that men are being encouraged to be too feminine. Or that men are always supposed to be the strong ones and women are allowed to be the emotional ones. But we all have feelings regardless of gender and some just hide it or are less in touch with it. I have found that one thing that can actually contribute to depression more is wearing a mask. And I wish more would reach out for help when they need it. The suicide rates seem to be growing.

Some people just want to numb out or ride a rollercoaster of drama which is really just a distraction. And to be honest, we have all likely been there at one point or another so its not to judge. It’s a gentle reminder that waiting underneath all the rubble is still your beating heart.

Of course we must also use discernment with who we get involved with. I’m not encouraging anyone to love too much in a toxic relationship. Instead it is to see that there is nothing wrong with you for being who you inherently are.

Your vulnerability and rawness is beautiful and precious.

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