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March 14, 2020

Why Coronavirus is a Major Wake-Up Call From The Universe

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by surprise. As the gravity of the situation deepens and the landscape changes by the hour, the world is spellbound as we watch this precarious situation unfold and brace ourselves for the next development. 

Fear and uncertainty have gripped the world and we are feeling depth of emotion at unprecedented levels.

How do we make sense of this pandemic? What is the purpose behind this – and how do we find deeper meaning, transformation, and peace in the midst of chaos and devastation? 

When we view the situation through spiritual lenses, we quickly realize that it’s studded with soul lessons and harbors significant transformative power.

The Coronavirus pandemic is calling for the world to come together and in a big way. While on the surface our lives may be riddled with fear and uncertainty, underneath it all is a carefully-curated plan with a very pointed agenda: to wake up humanity.  

Antiquated paradigms are being shattered. Outdated modes of operation are being rendered obsolete. Old systems are crumbling.  

The Universe is inviting us to plumb the depths of our psyches, dive deep into our souls, and emerge feeling untethered and more deeply connected to the essence of who we are.  

The current pandemic is rich in opportunities to grow and transform, discover unhealed parts of ourselves, and do the soul work that propels us to higher realms of consciousness. 

The Universe has extended this invitation. Will you accept it?

We were already on the cusp of collective consciousness making a shift, and Coronavirus very well may be the tipping point that shifts humanity into uncharted territory.  

This wake-up call has the potentiality to catapult collective consciousness to unprecedented heights. It has the potential to coax each individual’s evolution into uncharted territory, if we let our soul lead the way.  

But how do we make large-scale shifts? This article will give you ideas for getting your paradigm shift underway. 

But what prompts one to begin his or her paradigm shift?  

Any life experience we have can serve as a heart-awakening catalyst that propels each of us along our individual journey and has the potential to usher us into higher levels of evolution.  

A catalyst can be anything that moves us or shakes us up a bit, resonates with us at a deeper level and causes a stirring in the soul. It doesn’t always have to be a mountain-moving, life-changing experience like a death, illness, struggle with an addiction or a loss that shakes one to the core.  

It can be something as seemingly minor as a piece of music that you find inspiring. It can be a piece of artwork or a poem. It can even be a conversation with a perfect stranger.

If seemingly small events can prompt us to begin the process of awakening, then surely a pandemic such as the one we are in the midst of can engender huge leaps.  

What is the common thread that unites us all during this challenging time? Vulnerability. 

There isn’t a life that has remain untouched as a result of this global pandemic. As fear and uncertainty have permeated many aspects of our lives, from the challenges of procuring basic household necessities that are under normal circumstances readily available to watching our personal savings erode as financial markets tumble, we are all feeling the effects of the crisis in varying degrees.

Vulnerability doesn’t feel good initially, as we may feel exposed, uncertain, and uncomfortable, but it provides fertile ground for growth and transformation and is precisely what is needed in order to pave the way to higher states of evolution.  

But in the midst of uncertainty and uncomfortableness, we may notice that we find ourselves searching, questioning, pondering,  contemplating, and reflecting. These are all beautiful and powerful responses that are associated with awakening.

Some people have been stripped to their cores, holed up in their houses, distanced from the world around them, devoid of external stimuli, sheltered from distractions, and removed from the usual hustle and bustle of everyday life, as life as they know it has been dramatically changed.  

Nothing prompts deep introspection quite like having certain freedoms and conveniences stripped away, as people are finding themselves taking inventory on their lives like never before.

Life can be complicated, particularly when we are faced with such challenging situations such as the current Coronavirus pandemic.  

But remember, we are here to love and to grow. That’s it.

Life most certainly isn’t easy, but it can be simplified when we anchor back and refocus on why we are on this Earth. 

Challenging life experiences that develop our character, enhance our richness, bolster our substance and expand our depth are what give our lives meaning. No challenge, no growth, and no room for expansion.

In my book SOAR the chapter called “This World” begins with, “This world needs healing and it needs you.” Global-scale healing can only occur if we commit to healing ourselves on an individual level first.

It prompts people to do their soul work and gives examples for how we can be healers for one another.  

Our true power is realized when we transmute our pain. As we heal ourselves, we play a role in healing the world.  

Connecting with others and sharing your gifts and your healing touch is unequivocally the most powerful thing you can do every day.

How can a global pandemic, riddled with fear and uncertainty, serve as a springboard to fuel our personal healing, growth and transformation?  The truth is that a pandemic such as this has immense power to fuel our growth and transformation. 

What can you do, on an individual basis to allow this situation to be a soul-evolving experience?  

Deep, introspective questions have immense power to prompt a stirring in our souls, as they play a role in unearthing undiscovered aspects of ourselves.  

Here are some powerful questions that you can ask yourself to start your journey into your soul:

  • How do I demonstrate love for myself and others?
  • How do I embody a mindset of gratitude?
  • Is the uncertainty of this situation causing me to reconsider any choices I have made for myself?
  • How has this experience enhanced my appreciation of life?
  • What life experiences have had the greatest impact on me?
  • What am I most fearful of?
  • With whom do I have deep connections?
  • Do I have any regrets?
  • What matters to me most?
  • What are my values and beliefs?
  • Am I spending my time on initiatives that have purpose and meaning?
  • What is my purpose on this Earth?
  • How do I want to be remembered?
  • How am I contributing to humanity?

By making the resolution to transform your own life, you are effectively changing the world. If you’re wondering if what you do on an individual level matters, it does.

If you’re wondering if your actions can actually have a broad-scale impact, they can.  

Everything we do has a ripple effect and even the smallest, seemingly insignificant actions work their way through collective consciousness and eventually reverberate back to you.  

Together we can prompt huge shifts in collective consciousness.  

We have to start somewhere, and that somewhere is right where you are, right now.  

Your paradigm shift is underway.

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