April 25, 2020

I Dream of Living an Ecstatic Life.

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I dream and desire of living an ecstatic life.

A life that brings me joy, laughter, playfulness, innocence in wilderness, freedom in totality, colors, and black and white; and dance, dance, lots of dance, and movement, and travel. I want to squeeze all of life out of every day of my existence.

I dream and desire, and I am creating it every daya life that feels like magic; with magical people, magnetic experiences, and mysterious, innocently wild, magnetic souls like mine.

I dream and desire, and I am creating it every daya life that has my name on it. My unique signature. A life that makes me happy even if it does not make sense to others.

A life where I thrive in all areas of my life and share my happiness with others in the best ways I know how.

A life where my shadows are as beautiful as my light.

A life where my weird, hidden, abnormal fantasies are as magnetic and attractive as my light side.

A life that includes all of me in my splendor, in my sadness, in my darkness, in the darkest corners of my psyche. A life that breathes ecstasy even in my loneliest hours. A life that holds my soul blueprint, one that is uniquely mine.

A life that moves my shakti into total balance. Where I am simply an unstoppable force of nature like I am at my core. 

A life that creates.

A creation that matters to me first of all.

A life shared with those who will raise my spirit higher. A life where I will learn more of the those heights of the soul.

Less than that is not my life.

I am over with my past.


A new me is being born.

A different me.

One who surprises me every day, one who may shock others.

I want to enter stages and leave stages. Be all I can be.

Oh, my dear life.

I can feel that you’re in my blood, my veins being born anew.


I have been waiting my whole existence on this planet Earth for you to start manifesting.

I open my heart to you, to live you, or rather, let you live through me.



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Read 6 comments and reply

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