July 1, 2014

3 Keys to Manifesting through Consciousness.

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Here is a burning question for us:

“How much of our truth are we living?”

Here is my truth.

I want love.

Heck, I am craving deep raunchy romance and deep connection.

I imagined what this romance could look like and what this person would be about. Call me crazy, but I imagined him in two versions.

I imagined he would have deep blue eyes like the sea with a rustic look and hair that my hands will enjoy ruffling with every time because of its softness. I imagined his looks being so sexy with his unshaven beard like a cave man. I imagined he will be all be all about exploring the world so he will have backpacks, and he will be a lover of nature.

In his closet, he will have sandals and suits. Sandals for his days of nature exploring and suit for the days where he just has to fit into society’s appropriateness. I imagined He will be into clean living and work as an advocate for people’s right or the environment or even the animals. I imagined his level of consciousness about making a difference will be above average.

He will be a conscious athlete, knowing when to run, lift weight, play soccer or just simply practice yoga. I imagined him as an articulate, engaging and best of all a mindful person who will show up in my life as a best friend, a confidant, a teacher, a mindful lover who knows how to pleasure me in every way consciously.

I imagined my second version as just very mysterious looking. I imagined his eyes piercing brown and  hair dark and smooth, prickly when newly cut. I imagined him as an embodiment of the definition of art. I imagined his nakedness told his stories with his sexy body art written all over him. I imagined him as very open and engaging in his style of living. I imagined him as a soulful artist whose charismatic undertone is a total turn-on. I imagined him as a creative conscious being, who is a lover of the art and draws on life’s inspiration to create.

I imagined him with a proud look on his face each time he awes at his ability to transform a mere blank canvas into an awe object. I imagined him as this being who speaks by his expressive body language, by the sexiness of his eyes and by the movement and non movement of his lips. I imagined he’s a lover of the art, paints and creates art that speaks, and uses his work to inspire millions to be creative.

From what I could see in my mind’s eye, he lives to create, to inspire and to only inspire through his work. His existence alone is a form of art, very conscious, better yet very intuitive—living proof of what true imagination stands for. I imagined him as very spiritual, a believer in prayers and miracles, and in many ways he is non traditional. There was so much more to figure about him as we lean in closer.

The act of visualizing these men in such detail free and liberated.

What surprised me the most with this imaginative experience, was how descriptive and detailed it got, and so it made me wonder about how often we get to use our imaginative power as a tool to get clear and specific about our truth in other to manifest what we want.

I believe there is power in speaking our truth, which could be simple as (honestly) answering the question “What do I want?”

I believe there is also power in our imagination because what imagination does for us is to bring our desires into our consciousness in other to create and manifest. This is not only in relationships or in our quest for love but our imaginative process can be applied to every creative aspect of our life.

We have to be able to imagine in order to create!

The more I grow in my realm of conscious and mindful living, the more I realize the importance of three major ingredients in the recipe for finding success: clarity, intention and imagination.

1) Being clear about what it is that I want in my life in every aspect! Clarity and consciousness work hand in hand. We cannot be clear on what we want without first being conscious about what it is we are seeking. When we get clear by being able to imagine and declare our truth of what it is that we want in our lives, we set the standard to easily say no to the things that we don’t want.

2) Communicating them with an intention: After declaring our truth and setting the standard through our degree of clarity, we can look out into the world with the intention to make happen. If we carry that intention everywhere, it will begin to show up everywhere.

3) Permitting myself to freely imagine and creating them first. This can also be referred to as envisioning or visualizing. I don’t think I have ever sat down to imagine that sort of raunchy image about what kind of person I could possibly see myself with, I’m not saying that’s what I’m only open to but I’m just awed at the specifics my imagination could attain to. It is obvious we can use descriptive visualization as a fun tool to just lead the way in our creative process. When we can visualize, freely imagine or envision, we are applying consciousness. We are just that much close to manifesting because anything we can imagine, exists!

My Meditation for Manifestation:

I get in my most comfortable position (sitting or lying with eyes closed) and take some deep breaths. I Inhale through through my nose, hold for one second and exhale freely through my mouth. I use the next one minute to simply imagine specifically and as detailed as I can what ever it is that I want to have or manifest in my life. The key is to be as clear and detailed as possible. I also try to associate the type of feelings that make me blush as I’m creating and imagining. This is my time to think beyond limits, to forget the word ‘impossible’ or ‘appropriate’ right now—they don’t exist in this moment for me. For now I just permit myself to create and imagine. When done, I take a deep breath and release.

Love elephant and want to go steady?

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Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Wikipedia Commons 


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