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April 25, 2020

A ‘Mindful’ Way To Deal With Covid-19

When the world is in a serious crisis, how can we talk about patience, love, kindness, mindfulness, and to be calm? You may think that I’m totally insane! But amidst fear and fragility, I sense some deeper connections. An invisible power that is helping us to connect our hearts and minds and we’re all thinking likewise. Would you agree with me? In this situation of spiraling fear of uncertainty; we don’t know what will happen next, how things are going to be once this is all over [if at all, forever]. But yet amid all this, we have rekindled this hope deep inside ourselves that, “there will be a new and a better beginning, and we will come out of this difficult situation- together!”

People from all across the globe is coming together to pray hard, to bring smiles, to kindle hope, to heal, to serve, to support, to donate, to encourage, and to keep the spirits alive. Don’t you think this is so magical! It reminds me of the magic at Disneyland; especially during the fireworks they do every day later in the evening! If you’ve ever visited Disneyland, you would know the kind of magic I’m talking about! “Believe in that magic! There’s always hope.” Things will return to normal, and we will have a better beautiful world before us! Make peace with uncertainty.

I know we’ll have been so vulnerable to survive from the infection of this “alien” covid-19; but I still sense a beautiful magic in the air these days! A sweet sense of gratitude and care for one another. Nature has its own way of teaching us lessons, isn’t it?

Mindfulness can help us navigate through covid-19!

Practicing mindfulness can help us ease our anxiety and can bring us back to the present, especially when the worry about what our future holds feels so pressing! It can help us be aware of where we are right now, and how are we feeling. It is also very important to track your mental health conditions right now; while you take care of your body, hygiene, and your nutrition.

I’ve saved this awesome quote and I read it every single day to stay motivated and hopeful. I hope it gives you the light too!

“You are amazing simple for hanging in there and holding on, no matter how hard things get! And for moving forward no matter how scared you are or how anxious you feel.” ~Karen Salmonsohn

Mindfulness may sound like a heavy word at this situation where we are already suffering so much! But, this practice allows me to shift my focus and energy from feeling anxious and overwhelmed to taking action! Taking the right step to stay informed but at the same time staying productive and enjoying my days with me family.

With school and childcare closures for an uncertain period of time, and parents working from home while managing chores, helping kids with their tasks or keeping them occupied, as well as attending frequent zoom meetings, it is very natural to feel stressed out, disappointed, and frustrated! But keeping an active check on your response to everything that’s happening around you these days can help you, to stay calm and grounded. Even if we complain, we cannot change the present situation. So we all must practice how to tweak certain things to look for a better flow in our lives.

“I always remind myself that, pain is fleeting, and I must keep trying to make small tweaks every day to improve things for myself and my family. I make small adjustments to show up every day no matter how low I’m feeling, and I release all my thoughts and stress; jut to breathe and to be in the moment!

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