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April 16, 2020

A “New Life” Awaits

Some words of encouragement by South Korean artist, Elli K

We realize the value of lay everyday life when experiencing an unexpected turmoil or amid a great stress. Such is the COVID-19 pandemic we are going through now. The thing we miss the most is what we took for granted and would love to meet the people we miss in person. 

Social distancing and quarantines were not easy to adapt to, and the changes we need to accept still feel unreal.  However, I took this time as an opportunity to “distance” from all the busy-ness and quietly reflect on life.

I’ve been writing overdue diaries, organizing the pictures I’ve been taking, and emailing to the people I love to keep in touch. I also decided to release the music video for my song “New Life” earlier than scheduled because we could certainly use another positive video in our quarantines.  

The music video captures shots from the beautiful and grand nature in Arizona, USA, and scenes from the dazzling and lively capital of South Korea, Seoul.  As you know, Arizona and Seoul are far away from each other, but they are always connected and communicated in my life.  

This is also true between my fans and me.  I would love to connect with the fans even though we might be far away, and we are not able to meet with each other through my music.  I really hope the music video will make the viewers feel like traveling between these two magnificent places and a sense of freedom even though we are in quarantines. 

The song “New Life” sings of the hope and excitement of a new beginning and love.  Even though we are going through this turmoil, this too shall pass, and the “New Life” awaits. This is the “tomorrow” we are hoping and waiting for.  I wish “New Life” will be a gift of comfort and abundance for everyone  in these difficult times.  Let’s be encouraged. 

Please take care and stay safe and healthy at home. And remember to wash your hands!  Simple basic practices are always the most important fundamentals.  We can get through this together.

May your heart be free and at peace!

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