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April 22, 2020

Crystals Starter Pack to Survive Post-Breakup

Truth be told: Breakups are brutal. When you struggle from a breakup, people suggest you grab a tissue, your Netflix password, or a gallon of ice cream; I suggest you reach for a crystal. YES you heard that right: a crystal​—a powerful gem with healing properties that can help ease the pain of calling it quits with someone.

Your heart chakra tends to lose its balance due to intense emotions. Crystals aid in recentering your energy and regaining vibrations of peace, love, and courage, all while absorbing the negativity attached to such circumstances. When your vibration boosts, you attain a profound headspace to understand the healing process.

Now, do not expect this to work like magic once you get a hold of one. It does not work that way. Hold the crystal, collate your trust, courage, and intent for using it, and let it take you on an insightful journey. Here are some of the most effective gemstones that can contribute to emotional healing:

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. Known to purify the heart, it pacifies grief and replaces it with inner healing and peace of mind. Among others, its vital function involves promoting self-awareness. As the freshness of a breakup leads to visions of what-ifs, the feeling of resentment arises. The healing power of rose quartz aids in seeing yourself clearly and letting go of the tendency to blame yourself.


For the love of truth and loyalty, Chrysoprase activates energy and widens your viewpoint when dealing with situations that impact your personal growth. It enhances mental and emotional balance through helping you drop impulsive behaviours, consequently keeping you grounded and diverting your focus into the more positive aspects of life. This, in turn, lets you release forgiveness and regain self-esteem in times of heartbreaks.

Black Tourmaline

A cleansing and protective gemstone, black tourmaline supports in blocking negative energies, frustrations, and anxieties, all while transforming them into lighter vibrations. Generally, black tourmaline is known to effectively heal and protect an individual holistically. A traumatic situation like a breakup can wreak damage on our physical, emotional, and mental stability. This powerful gemstone creates a strong threshold that prevents such toxicity from re-entering, thereby helping you focus on healing.


All the charm that the citrine crystal boasts only says negativity is something it can never tolerate, ever. Acting as a “manifestation stone”, its healing effects include absorbing your goals in mind and turning these visions into reality. As such, it induces concentration in easing your pain and provides confidence to chase your what you truly deserve.


Amethyst is a powerful protection stone that wards off negative energy and converts it into peace of mind. For the longest time, it has been believed that amethyst helps an individual utilize logic and intellect when faced with tough challenges. It encourages wisdom, stimulates the mind, and provides greater understanding; perfect for re-assessing your vibe and moving on from a relationship. If you are clinging onto bitterness still, Amethyst is your lifesaver that will help you see what is more important: to move forward.


Malachite is a fresh start in stone form. Whether you have been so used to the routine of weekly dates or stuck in having daily breakdowns, Malachite is there to inspire change and risk-taking. Tagged as the “stone of transformation”, it will induce spiritual growth and push you to do what makes you genuinely happy.


Highly recognized as an emotional balancer, the Rhodonite crystal stone unclogs emotional scars brought about by traumatic events in the past. It clears, restores, and reactivates the heart. If there is anything that love teaches, it is that love, while remains a wonderful experience, is also a sloppy and painful affair. The healing properties of Rhodonite helps you accept the latter and mends the ache through total acceptance. Options float first few weeks during post-breakup: to hold grudges or to view it as a lesson. Rhodonite aids in analyzing the difference, guiding you to move on and choose the latter, always.

Look, trust that you will see sunlight on the days that take long to end. Love will come again next time, and once you have genuinely healed, it will be way better. These crystals are helpful only when you learn to accept help. Keep in mind that who you choose to be after the breakup can have an impact on what the future holds.

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