April 5, 2020

How to Downgrade our Ego during Quarantine.


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The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing untold and unimaginable suffering, destruction, and death all over the world, and our hearts go out to those who are affected.

May there be a quick reversal and universal healing.

This unpleasant reality is staring us in our faces. But is there any way we can use this quarantine period for self-examination, introspection, growth, learning, and personal evolution? What we can do for ourselves, now that we are faced with such unprecedented circumstances.

Any external event affects us at multiple levels—body, mind, emotions, and spirit—and COVID-19 is the mother of all negative events we have seen in a long time.

This is a time to sit quietly, go within, and study what attributes of our ego are triggered by the event—a time to examine which we ought to hold on to, and which we ought to transcend.

My personal plan for these days of quarantine and social distancing are to reduce or eliminate many of the egotistical attributes that I carry, and enhance those attributes of spirit or heart that have become dormant inside me.

We can start by making a list of the negative attributes of our egos that have been, or are continually triggered by the pandemic.

This is my downgrade list:

>> Fear
>> Worry
>> Panic
>> Anxiety
>> Anger
>> Greed
>> Lust
>> Guilt
>> Grief
>> Victimhood
>> Entitlement
>> Control
>> Overthinking
>> Mindlessness
>> Apathy
>> Revenge
>> Pride
>> Arrogance
>> Obsession
>> Argumentativeness
>> Pessimism
>> Blaming
>> Tears
>> Hatred
>> Stagnation
>> Frustration
>> Loneliness
>> Boredom
>> Possessiveness
>> Selfishness

These are aspects of my ego which I need to take a deep look at and aim downgrade—if not eliminate—by the end of the quarantine period. Or, at least that’s the grand plan—a beginning.

We can then make a list of the qualities that we would like to upgrade or improve.

My journey, like that of the rest of the world, seems to be one from the constricted mind to an expanded heart. Here’s my upgrade list:

>> Love
>> Honesty
>> Calmness
>> Trust
>> Faith
>> Patience
>> Tolerance
>> Sharing
>> Caring
>> Compassion
>> Empathy
>> Peace
>> Acceptance
>> Good Health
>> Courage
>> Self-worth
>> Prayer
>> Awareness
>> Forgiveness
>> Humility
>> Joy
>> Meditation
>> Understanding
>> Optimism
>> Introspection
>> Smiles and laughter
>> Brotherhood
>> Creativity
>> Self-care
>> Living in the now

I would request each and every one of you, to think about this list, and see what qualities you have, which you can downgrade, and which you can upgrade.

Now that we are all faced with a disaster which we did not want, let us put it to good use.

Stay well, wash your hands, wear your masks, stay indoors, keep up your spirits, and intend and visualise a quick resolution to this issue.

Imagine stepping into a bright, new, better, and more compassionate world. Remember, it starts with you.



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