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April 20, 2020

I had brain fog, fatigue, and I couldn’t sleep well – until I cut out gluten.

For years, I had been living a healthy lifestyle. I had a healthy diet, got plenty of exercise, and I never smoked or drank. But I couldn’t understand why I was starting to feel terrible. Not even my doctor or GP could explain it.

It was starting to drive me crazy. It was difficult to pinpoint what it was since my symptoms were common. I had constant fatigue, brain fog, and problems getting good enough sleep. No matter how much sleep I had, it was never enough.

I started feeling tired and cranky all the time. I had no idea what was causing it. I began to figure it out once I knew it was from my gut. “Could it possibly be gluten?” I asked. I looked at the symptoms for gluten intolerance and bingo; I had a match. It was hard work to find the answer, but I was happy that I finally knew.

It turns out that years of eating foods with gluten had started to take a toll on my gut. At first, my gut could tolerate gluten. As my gut couldn’t take it anymore, I began to show symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome and inflammation.

It still didn’t make any sense to me. “I had been fine eating gluten for all these years, so why am I starting to get problems now?”. It turns out that you don’t need to be born with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance to have problems with gluten later in life. It can develop as you get older.

So does this mean that we need to bin our pasta and throw away our sandwiches to the local pigeons? I don’t think so, that might be a bit extreme. But I think that if you’ve had unexplained symptoms for years that our doctors can’t explain, then it might be a good idea to consider what we are eating and how it affects us.

I was lucky with being able to find out what was wrong with me. I am not qualified to give any medical or health advice, but hopefully, this article has spread some awareness about how important nutrition can be on our health.

When we have some unexplained symptoms that a medical professional can’t help us with, maybe it’s time to be mindful of what we are eating and think about how its impacting us.

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