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April 24, 2020

Meditation is too difficult? Let me show you others techniques.

Hi I’m Alice, and I am a modern day Priestess.

I’ve been communicating with, Source ( God, spirit, however you want to call it) since young age.

The Divine, sent me messages (through animals, feather, double numbers…) since I was really young, I spent my life developing this strange way of communication, until I started to feel Angels, Spirits and Demons.

As a Priestess my goal is to help people to connect with the Divine, so they can actualize their unique soul path, and find a peaceful state of mind.

The reason why, so many Gurus, push people to do  Meditation, is because is impossible to feel this connection with Source, if your mind is constantly crowded with millions of thoughts, worries and stress.

The presence of an Angel, or the appearance of a Divine sign, can be perceived only in a peaceful state of mind, or in other words,our vibration has to be really high, to be able to feel those presences.

You will easily understand then, why, for so many people, is difficult to just jump from a “monkey mind”, that overthink (and get trigger by any little event), to a complete “zen zone” in which the mind  is thought less, and able to perceived the messages that come from another layer of the reality.

The question then is how can we jump from a “monkey mind” to a “Zen state”?

Well, we can’t expect that, over night, but we can get there, by using Contemplation.

What do I mean by that? If your mind is unable to stay silent for more than one minute, we can at least enchant it, in the world around us, this create a strong connection with Source and allow people to get closer to the Divinity that is outside and inside them.

Everything is made of energy, our thoughts, our bodies, and the all reality around us is the manifestation of a constant interactions of invisible energies.

Did you know that every thought you make, suck energy out of you? Can you imagine the waste of energy you create every day? No wonder you feel stressed and drained.

So let’s start:

First step.

  • Try to be mindful of the thought that you do, by becoming like a bird that watch your mind during the day, you are not your mind anymore, you are a bird that watch a show, you will start to contemplate this beautiful box , that you have on top your neck, and you will realise is really similar to a tv series, voices that state something and other voices that answers, long dialogues are played, over and over.  By contemplating over a period of time your “tv series” that goes on in your mind, you will slowly slowly, realise that you are a viewer, that does not have any power over them.

Do this for a few week will allow you to become fully aware, and be able to contemplate them as something detached from you.


Second step:

  • After mastering the first step, you will be able, to decide “what” you want to contemplate, cause finally you’ve realised that: you are not your thoughts, and considering  that every single one of them suck energy from you, you might decide to stop observing them and tune in to another “TV series”. In this way, you will save that energy, and actually gain some. How? Well, focusing on things without thinking is a great way to gain energy and also interact with the Divine. Instead of contemplating the thought in your mind…  Contemplate the shape of your body, the colour of a tree, the shapes of the clouds, a bird flying outside your window, contemplate the rhythm of your breath, a song with no lyrics, the laugh of a baby in the far distance, the shape of leaf, a feather on the floor,  go for walks and fell the wind caressing your skin, take a bath and smell essential oils, take a brush and paint, random colours in a paper, observe and let whatever action or thing carrying you away, enchanting you, listen to calming voices, to bedtime stories (I do those guided meditation and  Asmr in my channel link in my bio) etc…Force yourself, to see magic and beauty in every corner, force yourself to feel that connection, let the beauty of life kidnap you, for a moment decide, that nothing is more important than feeling this connection with universe, event 5 min a day. Feel like a tree, it can’t do much, it can just move with the wind, observe the clouds, and take the rain, be like a tree, contemplate and fell the roots, you are now finally connected.



When Meditation give you headache, remember that contemplation can be a good way to start.

Have a look at my guided meditation playlist in YouTube link in the bio

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