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April 27, 2020

Narcissist and empaths have more things in common than what you think.

The society, and religions, programmed us to be confuse, and far away from the truth, on purpose for us not to succeed in this world.

They touch us a duality that does not exist, they divided the indivisible.

There noting completely good, noting completely bad in life, they created a division, they created a duality, inside a world that is meant to be a unity.

There is no God, if there is not Evil,  they are the opposite manifestation of the same thing.

They are inseparable twins, and we can’t judge them because they are the opposite manifestation of the same source energy, like day and night, like light and darkness, like demons and angels etc…

Mystic in many books depicted this concept in many ways, but was uncomfortable for the people that wanted to control us, otherwise they would have created a population of Divine creatures, and not sheep.

To be Divine, to find the Divinity in yourself and outside of you, you have to unite what has been divided.

Integrating your light and your shadow.

Easy to say, not easy to do, cause it requires you to deprogram your brain form many misbeliefs, and centuries of brainwashing. To describe them all, I need to write a new Bible, but my Angels told me 2020 is the beginning of the end of deception, the vibration of the earth is raising so high, that all the lies will be exposed, and people will be forced to elevate and see the bigger picture.

How can I explain, all our life is based in categorizing what is good and what is bad.

(But Source told me this is not possible, cause if there is good there is bad and vice versa.)

Since young, we have been under judgment, ( if you were a good kid or a bad kid, if you were intelligent or not, beautiful or not etc) and cause we received this judgment since young, we grew up judging.

What does this mean? That we got it all wrong, on purpose, they misled us. We can judge, this is good this bad, we need both side of something to master it.


There is not duality but only unity, life is made of good and bad, dark al light etc… life is meant to be the whole not divided, every part of us make who we are, there is power in our shadow and in our light, so we can’t judge yourself, and we can’t judge others.

Most of us, are not able to see their own shadow, they don’t want to see it and accept it, due to misinformation, and they don’t understand that the power can be exactly hidden in it.

Narcissist are the opposite manifestation of too naïve empaths,

They can’t point fingers at each other cause they both have to learn from one to another.

The narcissist has a too big ego, they care only about themselves and they never want to admit when they make mistakes, and totally lack of empathy for the people they hurt, ( they protect themselves really well, they have too high self-respect)

The too naïve empath is exact  the opposite manifestation of that, zero self-respect, people pleaser, easy to accept the fault for anything, allowing people to walk all over them, and often with a victim mentality. Now those two behaviours are both awfully wrong, and Divinity stand in the middle. For all the empath that brag about narcissist being awful and deserving the worst karma… well guys I’m sorry you will both receive the same karma… them for not respecting others Divine creatures, and you for no respecting the Divine creature inside you.

Is time to expose the lies, the programming, the misbeliefs, is time for people to become whole again, and to find the Divinity that is hidden in themselves.


This concept is really complex to explain, I will try to do a YouTube video soon about it.


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