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April 11, 2020

Patriarchy Danger

I tell you you’re being offensive 

And your reply is 

“Don’t be so dramatic”


You know what’s dramatic? 

Hundreds of years of oppression 

Still playing out 


In quiet ways 

In the workplace 

In the market

In the everyday minutia 

And when I make too much sense 

You just write me off 

As an angry women 

Yeah I’m angry 

It’s the concentrated rage 

Of thousands of women before me 

That fuels me 

To drive my point home 

You’re an ignorant sexist 

The most dangerous kind 

Trying to hide your bad habits 

Uncomfortable and defensive 

When you’re challenged 

With changing 

Be fucking better 

Be fucking aware 

Be fucking human 

And own the fact 

That even if you are part of the problem

The beauty in that

Is that you can be part of the solution.

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