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April 11, 2020

Sunday Soliloquy

Thy hooded eyes alight with hope’s glimmer, shrouded in secret, familiar darkness…
Thy lips softest kiss fable fortune of days future told. For these ears hear not uncertainty, yet swim in promise’s depths warming the trepid heart of the virgin listener.
Encapsulate not the words of thy breath, for they canst compare heaven’s height and width. Share not love’s promise lying betwixt thy soul-glimmer and mine, for mortal words encompass not this magic abound in love’s ecstasy.
Tears, borne in heart-wrenched pain’s pleasure, rise in billowing plumes ‘neath this quivering bosom- for in love’s slumber all bliss is but a shadowed memory of a lifetime forgotten, and she oft fears love’s tender truth.
Aye but what is fledgling truth if she doth not know from whence it came? For the memory floateth past this lush river’s edge she rests upon. The memory is not of sensed substance- nay, it is the river itself- when grasped, slips through her fingers to rejoin the mother current.
Thy love is the deep river wild, cool and crisp. One cannot have in part but the whole: its rapids crashing against boulders carved, and its gentle softness running amongst flower’d meadows fair.
Thy firmest touch casts in this maiden’s mind, a world of stars beyond heavens mortals doth dream. One brush upon her skin journeys this pioneer into a universe of a billion stars, where only light and darkness ponder.
For this mortal coil canst know this balanced light and darkness ere worlds gone by- only love’s truth.
The rushing winds of times and space an eternal tapestry woven, threaded with silken threads strong…our clothed spirit bindings shan’t ever shed, for our destinies have gathered together this lifetime of bliss….
And even so future eons shall pass, and we entranced remain bonded. Though these threads fray and tangle, break not.
My Lover, in humanity’s lifetime of beauty traveled and thorny adventure wrought, these words I trembling pen. I cry at your mercy, for humble expression clear canst ever be granted to this grateful heart of wonder.

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