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April 12, 2020

The Power of Love Among The Chaos – The world could use your love

We sit in our homes if we are   so blessed and privileged to have them.    We sit in our homes surrounded by those we love or with phones to connect us, if we are so privileged.   We go to the stores and get our food, if we are so privileged.  We exist in a time where we are being guided to rest and re-evaluate, if we are so privileged.  We exist as we are in this time with many of those in front of  us suffering behind the lines.  We sit in a world where so many of us are being shown the systems of dependency and are left with whatever feelings that brings to the surface.   We live in a time where we are witnessing humanity in a way that we have not seen in a long time.   We see politicians blaming the other and going forward  against certain countries, we witness the public acting in ways of  self preservation without consideration for their neighbours, community or country.  We are seeing  people go against the recommended procedures and putting others at risk just as we are witnessing those less privileged or capable of taking care of themselves being penalized by this virus we seem to be holding onto.  We are witnessing so much pain, I could go on and on into all of the pain and truth we are witnessing in this unique time for so many of us, yet I am going to stop.  On the other side of all of this fear and blame we are also witnessing the power of love, the strength in unity and the power of connection.

As each of us sit in our spaces covered in our own masks we are given an opportunity to reach down inside of ourselves and feel the power of our hearts.  Helplessness and powerlessness breed emotions that hold us small and in control while helpfulness and empowered enable us to grow and to break the cycles.

I would like to return us to our hearts in this crazy and chaotic time.  Love yourself and love your neighbour and love that stranger.     Our hearts hold secrets that we have long forgotten.    We have forgotten that you catch more bees with honey and that we have the power to breathe air into those around us through the contagion of love.   I have witnessed the joy and the love being shared among strangers as we keep our distance at the stores or on the streets, I have witnessed the hearts of those working in hardware stores to go above and beyond to help when they were told no.  I have witnessed citizens making masks for their sick neighbours and family members.   I have witnessed the power of the heart.    I have witnessed strangers buying groceries for an elderly person so they did not have to go into the stores.  I have witnessed the love within human nature.

When we are in a state of love our stress hormones drop and we release oxytocin which helps our bodies in so many ways.     When we are stuck in a place of anger, resentment and personal protection (the downside of the solar plexus energy) we shrink our hearts and as a result our auric shield becomes smaller and weaker allowing us more susceptible to energetic and physical ailments.   I can feel some of you rolling your eyes, to be honest, I don’t really care.  I still love you and I hope that you open your heart and feel the weight lift off of your shoulders.   Our chests sit heavy and our shoulders carry the weight and restrictions of those around us – take notice of how they feel.   And now place your hands over your chest  and breathe into your hands with the connection to love.  “I am love.” “I send love to myself and to others.” Breathe for a few minutes and expand the chest, open the heart.   Do some gentle twists of the spine opening the chest up to the sky.  Become love.

When we come from a place of love it does not mean that we do not feel fear, it means that we recognize the fear in others, we recognize the pain in others and we are able to offer acceptance and understanding versus ignorance.

I mentioned something on my instagram about how to take action when we feel powerless.    It is a reminder that if we sit with the privilege to help then find what you can do and do something.   Something small often helps others and helps fill this heart chakra.   You are not doing work to get acknowledgment, you are doing work to simply be of service to others and to love them.

Let love guide you home and let love touch your breath with every inhale.  May you be found in love so that you may find others in love as well.

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