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May 30, 2020

9 Surprising & Science Based Health Benefits of Drinking Espresso

Coffee is more than just cravings. For some, it’s a necessity.

At over 400 billion cups consumed per year, coffee is by far the most common drink globally after water. It is relished as part of a healthy balanced, good diet and hot brew consumption plays a key role in many cultures throughout history, enabling an opportunity to network with friends, family, and new colleagues.

Coffee is a widely consumed product in the office, which may be considered a major part of setting a good ambiance within the workplace. The expression ‘let’s take a cup of coffee’ is also associated with ‘let’s have a chat or talk’ at the workplace as well as in many social contexts. Most of the work places are now equipped with Keurigs or the super automatic espresso machines, giving an easy button press coffee in minutes. You can find some of the best ones at Friedcoffee as they handpick only the top notch products.

Caffeinated beverages have been around for quite some time in one way or another. Over the last couple of years, though, the Starbucks boom has always driven the mere amount of espresso intake to surge.

Everybody recognizes that drinking coffee is going to give you a good little increase in caffeine. Highly known for this is a dose of espresso, but what appears to become less famous is the reality that espresso provides many other benefits.

If you wanted another justification for consuming espresso, we do have the rundown for you. This list covers the 9 Surprising & Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Espresso.

Let’s give it a start then.

1.     Helps to Burn Fat & Lose Weight

Although if you’re trying to lose weight you shouldn’t rely exclusively on coffee, this drink will certainly aid you in your search for weight loss.

Coffee is filled with magnesium and potassium and also causes the person to use insulin to control blood sugar levels. By maintaining the level of your blood sugar to become stable, you won’t experience as often cravings for unhealthy drinks and snacks, making you more eager to stick to a balanced lifestyle.

However don’t overlook that while coffee promotes weight loss, you have to make sure you don’t load your coffee with calorie-laden creams and additives, because that just counteracts the effects of weight loss that coffee may bring.

2.     Enhances Long Term Memory

It is worth learning the art of pouring out the ideal espresso shot because you know that you can boost your long-term memory by consuming the correct amount of caffeine.

Research undertaken by the University of California neuroscientist Michael Yassa showed that consuming the average of two espressos improved the memory retention cycle. In addition this cycle enhanced the long-term memory of the participants.

Hence, if you want to see progress, stick to the prescribed level because the research did not find certain advantages for those who drank roughly than two cups.

3.     Reduces Risk of Stroke

Researchers have found, in a Swedish report generated by Susanna Larsson, that consuming at least a cup of coffee a day can minimize the probability of stroke suffering. This finding is considered to be after the coffee’s antioxidant properties.

The study focusing on a ten – year period on a group of ladies. They found that consuming one or two cups of coffee a day lowered the risk of a stroke by 25%. Another research showed positive findings among male smokers for whom the risk of eight or even more cups of coffee per day was decreased by 21 percent.

4.     Protects your Brain

With old age the body develops a lot as many neurodegenerative diseases.

But what is a neurodegenerative disease?

Those are neurological disorders triggered by neuronal losses in the cortex. These pathogens always are progressive, which means neurons will start dying and the illness only continues to worsen.

Alzheimer’s, which is the main cause of dementia, and Parkinson’s are the two of the most prominent neurodegenerative disorders around nowadays.

Fortunately coffee will better protect your brain from all of these…..

  • Alzheimer’s – Study indicates that consuming coffee has a 65% decreased chance for Alzheimer’s growth Parkinson’s research shows that the risks of developing.
  • Parkinson’s by coffee drinkers are 32-60% lower, while the more coffee you drink increases the chance.

Coffee often decreases the possibility of having dementia when you grow older by shielding the nerves in the brain.

5.     Lowers Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is among the most prevalent disorders in more than 300 million individuals and leads to elevated rates of blood sugar leading to insulin tolerance.

Over the years, numerous reports have investigated the association regarding coffee and type 2 diabetes and the findings were astounding.

You will be raising the chances of diabetes by a phenomenal 23-67 percent by drinking coffee on a regular basis.

6.     Increases Attention

A lot of people begin their day with an espresso shot, and that’s no surprise. Caffeine decreases tiredness effects, thus improving constant treatment, and diligence has been identified. Luckily, through the use of a neurochemical process these results were developed.

Throughout specific areas of the brain correlated with consciousness, caffeine retains higher amounts of dopamine. Hence, beware that the advantages are usually short-term and you ought to stop overdoing them. You may get too jittery from so much caffeine, so concentrating becomes even harder.

7.     Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Over the ages, several experiments were performed. Most of the findings are as follows:

  • A study in 2012 showed that every cup of coffee every day decreases your possibilities of endometrial cancer by 8%.
  • In a 2011 study, every cup of coffee per day would decrease pancreatic cancer risk by 4%.
  • In a 2011 study, every cup of coffee per day would lessen bladder, breast, prostate and colorectal cancer threat by 3%.

As far as liver cancer is concerned, a 2007 study found that drinking two additional cups of coffee per day would reduce the individual ’s risk by 43%.

8.     Boost Physical Performance

Coffee has also been known to be able to improve strength and enhance physical efficiency, making it a perfect drink to sip between workouts.

Drinking only one cup of coffee, about an hour until you decide to work out, will boost your efficiency for up to 12%.


Caffeine enhances the dopamine in the brain, which would be the drug that the body generates to help you cope with the physical activity. The improvement in the volume of adrenaline improves the stamina and the amount of workout you will perform.

9.     Improves Mood & Acts as an Anti-Depressant

The caffeine that includes coffee is a proven depressant, so any time you pick up a cup of coffee, caffeine inhibits the action from one of your brain receptors, proven as adenosine.

Through suppressing adenosine, the brain is able to recreate decreased stimulation and activate many other neurotransmitters, namely dopamine, and norepinephrine.

Don’t be scared to play with all the various coffees and brewing processes out there. Just because you want the coffee to be just as safe as you need to, you still need to be able to obtain a drink that really fits your sense of taste.

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