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May 10, 2020

An Invisible War: Politicizing a Pandemic

Enough is enough.

Why do we have to choose sides—yet again?

The virus has been politicized, and I’m here to stand with the divine feminine in saying

Enough is enough.

Why can’t we rise in harmony and peace?

Why the division?

The world is a binary universe, in laymen’s terms, a whole lotta “both and” instead of this “either or” we are trying to tout through our religion, politics, opinions that fade like dust in the wind. Who are you helping by choosing a side?


Now we have to decide from being muzzled or feeling safe/protecting others? Is it one? The other? Or both? How do you know? You are just as unsure as me, and her, and him, and the next person…

No one knows. No one has the answers.

Sure, we have science, and we have intuition, and whatever beliefs we use to guide us, but at the end of the day, we are all stepping out in faith. And isn’t that how we live our lives too?

So then tell me why someone else’s view who is different than yours is considered invalid?

I know the topic of mask wearing is controversial, and I would be one in a sea of opinions that are fumbling, attempting to swim in a vast array of information—or rather, I would be unhelpful. So I am not going there.

Where I do want to go, and feel more qualified going, is in the land of division and harmony.

As I started delving into earlier, we are in a land of “yes, and…”

Light and dark. Right and wrong. Up and down. Life and death.

Everything is always paired with its opposite.

So then, can we put down our arguments, opinions, and beliefs, and meet each other halfway in a land of “agree to disagree”?

Can we finally come together?

My dear mother (who watches the news constantly) told me the democrats are to blame. I gently informed her that everyone is to blame, and yet no one is to blame. I’m tired of the politics and sides. I wish it would all tumble to the ground, and we could start anew. There has got to be a better way.

Knowing we will never all be homogeneous, let us put down our weapons, and agree to disagree. Could we, at the very least, start there?

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