May 25, 2020

There is No Right or Wrong Way to “Do” a Pandemic. There is No 12-Step Program.


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Are we done yet?

Now more than ever is an opportunity to turn in. To excavate our inner landscapes.

These times of the unknown have been trying, whether through living alone and feeling isolated or living with family and finding no space for reflection.

They’ve been trying for those who have careers, within the home or outside. For those homeschooling. For those who have lost their incomes.

For some, it has been terrifying. The unknown is such an intimidating place. The fear and acceptance of death can bring up many old, past pains and wounds.

I’m reaching out to say, “I hear you. And I am here to support you, if you wish.”

Some simple things you can do in times of upset and panic is to know this:

You have got this.

This may sound strange, but not one of us has lived through such times.

There is no 12-step program, self-help book, or right or wrong way of “doing a pandemic.”

There is only a step-by-step, breath-by-breath navigation as we learn together.

For many of us, it is the first time we have had the opportunity to stop. Stop rushing, running, consuming.

Yes, booze sales have risen. I’m sure many of us have bought lots of “stuff” online—and maybe sent it back, too. We have numbed out through food, booze, Netflix, and we have moaned, cried, raged against the machine.

The unknown evokes fear, which comes out in different ways for us.

There is also this incredible opportunity to work on some of our oldest and deepest fears and traumas. Things we have buried come back to play, even to “haunt” us in some respects. They come back as they way were never healed, never faced, and thus with space and time, they share their old, beaten down stories.

These times can also find us facing anxiety and depression—places I have known deeply. There are many different views on how to “do, deal with, and survive.” There is no new normal—please know this.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime yes and the opportunity of a lifetime…

To make changes;
Be bold;
Heal old pain;
Create anew life;
Create for the sake of creating.

To heal old trauma so you can heal your stories and finally start living a life you love.

Step by step.

Breath by breath.

You’ve got this.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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