May 8, 2020

Life’s Biggest Luxury.

Under this blue sky,

No wonder of the world

Will escape your eye.

For you have a gift

To search and see.

Beauty of this world,

You will show to me.


While browsing through my last year’s holiday photos with nostalgia, what seems ages ago, I ponder what freedom means to me.

I used to look forward to traveling and exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, trying new cuisines, enjoying nature, far and wide.

I was incredibly happy when I first discovered new walking trails along the cliffs, above the sea; through the enchanted green forests, along the coastal paths.

I almost selfishly wanted to believe that those places were made for me, to experience them in full glory, to make me feel alive, full of life.

Today, I sit in my garden watching colorful flowers and busy insects dance a game of life, spreading joy of nature in bloom.

I am more present then ever in my mind, browsing my memories and expanding my mental horizons.

I am reading, absorbing, feeling, with a more acute and mindful presence than ever before.

It feels as though time has slowed down, and reflection is needed on the life I live.

Slowing down helps to embrace stillness, beauty of the moment, appreciation of the little things.

Capturing a beautiful sunset, smelling a delicious homemade pizza, seeing the smiling faces of my children, is what really brings me pleasure, and feeds my soul.

Life is full of luxuries, but my biggest luxury is being truly alive in the moment.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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