May 26, 2020

I can make you Live Forever. {Poem}

I can make you live forever

in the writing of my words.

In the tempo of a sentence structure

I can preserve your bends and curves.

I can make your laugh stay fresh 

and hear you chortle at my jokes

with the wave of my hand,

a piece of paper and pen stroke.

I can draw you up for others

with a gimmick and a rhyme,

help them see the broadness of your shoulders

the color of your eyes.

I can paint you as a picture

using language strung together,

draw the corners of your lips

create an image for all to tether.

I can etch the crinkles that form

in the corners of your eyes

when you smile at something with your heart

your joy impossible to disguise.

I can paint you in a dream

and share you with the world,

a mix of prose and poetry

stirred together and unfurled.

I can recall the roughness of your palm

as it held mine gentle and strong,

as we walked along a well-worn path,

while you hummed a silly love song.

I can make you live forever 

in the corners of my mind,

and share you with those who read this

let them know how your soul shines.

I can paint you with words

draw your memory with a verse

I can make you into something beautiful

what a blessing and a curse.


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