May 27, 2020

I Can’t Believe what I Can’t See: a Poem about God in the 21st Century.

Heads are down;

swipe right.

Where is he? they say.

I can’t believe what I can’t see.

Wi-Fi signals,

bluetooth buds.

Swipe left

from what we can’t see.

Things become idols,

idols become things;

you need more because you can’t have less.

Less determines your human value,

more, more, more.

They turn green

filling a bottomless pit,

fueling up on food from a machine.

Status correlates to the mark on the steering wheel.

I can’t believe what I can’t see.

The wind blows away her beauty,

truth is revealed.

So that’s authenticity?

She woke up like this,

but they said this was beautiful.

Church scandal,

innocent and abused;

he can’t be here,

this wasn’t supposed to happen to us.

Perspective shift—

for us not to us.

The bottomless becomes a bottom,

take out the less.

When you reach out to grab the hand,

the hand that has been there all along,

patient and silent,

it pulls you up from the mud.

From the sticky mud of society,

from the plane of many minds;

crystals, confusion, and complexity,

cards, incense, sorcery.

Up you go to the one truth,

peace and simplicity.

Your heart fills,

it overwhelms

to the plane of one mind.

I see him now;

he wasn’t there before, or at least I didn’t notice.

I’ve always been here, he says,

hand stretched out.

Where the burden is light,

hearts light up the night;

you won the eternal fight.

Swipe right.


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