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May 3, 2020

Seven forbidden arts of Divination (Renaissance magic)

In Renaissance time (15th and 16th century) people were using ancient hermetic rituals of Divination. Those rituals involved the use of elements,( with peculiar rituals) to Divinate the future, or interpreting signs from the invisible world of Spirits.

The seven artes magicae or artes prohibitae, arts prohibited by canon law, were:

  • Nigromancy (black magic, demonology, necromancy): Involved ritual sacrifice, most often blood or corpses of animals.
  • Geomancy : Form of divination where a person would cast sand, stone, or dirt on the ground and read the shapes.
  • Hydromancy:  divination using water, is typically used with scrying. Water is used as a medium for scrying to allow the practitioner see illusionary pictures within,
  • Aeromancy: this form of divination consisted in tossing sand, dirt, or seeds into the air and studying and interpreting the patterns of the dust cloud or the settling of the seeds.This also includes divination coming from thunder, comets, falling stars, shape of clouds etc
  • Pyromancy :is the art of divination which consisted of signs and patterns from flames. There are many variations of pyromancy from interpreting the actual flame, to the burning coal, to the drawing of the flame in to paper etc.
  • Chiromancy :is a form of divination based on reading palms and based on intuitions and symbolism with some symbols tying into astrology.
  • Scapulimancy: was a form of divination using an animal’s scapula. The scapula would be broken and based on how it was broken, it could be used to read the future. It was generally broken by heating it with hot coals until it broke.

The fact that those beautiful arts became illegal, so long ago (15th and 16th century) have resulted in the lost of this precious knowledge. we became foreigners to the natural elements, we became so detached from them that we can’t no longer read them, or consult them for our lives and goals, so sad, us humans not able anymore to consult mother nature.

My communication with Source , started since young age through the elements, I was receiving messages through them, later in life I got a strong download of my past life abilities and how as a Priestess i was using Pyromancy, so my Angels asked me to make a video about it, to help all the Divine feminine to use it and have fun with it.

In this way you can feel again the magic of the universe, and you can activate the Divine in yourself.

I left the video in the link. I will soon make a video for each one.

Love and light ( sorry for any grammar mistake cause I’m Italian)

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