May 13, 2020

She was Finally Awake—A Powerful Rhyme about Finding the Goddess Within.

She sat there on the clifftop
reflecting upon her life—
thinking how far she had come.
Always a mother but no longer a wife.

She didn’t like judgment or labels,
she preferred to see people as they are.
She allowed everyone to be themselves,
using her intuition as her guiding star.

She believed there were no accidents in life.
Everything happened for a reason.
Everyone who crossed our path
was in our life forever, or maybe just a season.

She knew what it was like to love
and be intensely loved in return.
But, sometimes, it’s not forever,
and that can be a hard lesson to learn.

Her journey was fraught with challenges.
She endured sadness, loss, hurt, and pain,
but she pulled herself out of the rubble.
Her strength and fearlessness she gained.

She no longer worried about what others thought.
She lives life to the beat of her own drum.
So liberating and freeing—
her passion is rising daily like the sun.

She didn’t need anything or anyone.
She was whole on her own.
She chose who she wanted in her life,
she didn’t fear being alone.

Her past was her greatest teacher—
her future, she was ready to embrace.
Always willing to grow and evolve.
Happy to run her own race.

She forgave herself and others,
only wanting love within her heart.
She opened up to the universe,
ready for another exciting start.

She chose to be herself.
Each and every day.
She chose to love her life,
in every single way.

Everything felt exaggerated.
Everything felt so fresh and new.
The sun was warm upon her face.
The grass was glistening with dew.

She saw so much beauty everywhere,
like a child seeing things for the first time—
The ocean in its vast glory,
a majestic tree in its prime.

She felt like she had magic within her,
like she was finally awake.
She had been given an incredible gift.
Now her blessings were there to take.

In the stillness of her meditations,
she felt such calm and peace.
She knew exactly what she wanted.
Anything no longer serving her, she released.

She could feel the energy within her—
her gratitude so high.
She knew she could help others.
She finally understood her “why.”

She was reminded of her inner beauty—
she was a butterfly with newly formed wings.
She was ready to discover her world
and find the goddess within.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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